The Artistic and Whimsical Wheat Youth Arts Hotel, Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of China’s most picturesque towns, attracting seekers of beauty to its idyllic West Lake gardens and temples. Wheat Youth Arts Hotel was designed for the young and young at heart who wish to stay in a place just as beautiful as the landscape surrounding them. Although situated on the seventh floor of a shopping mall, Li Xiang of X+Living created a three storey sanctuary where imagination reigns supreme.

A simple black sign greets guests, leading to a reception lobby that is part library and part modern furniture showroom. Black bookshelves boast floor to ceiling volumes and surround the entire space, while yellow benches and green chairs are scattered around the centre. A black dog sculpture is a friendly touch at the reception desk, welcoming visitors from near and far. One end of the space is a feature wall made of coloured checker pieces depicting a map of the world, to immediately make guests feel like they are part of a global community.

Corridors are finished with white walls and floors with recessed footlights, forming a clean backdrop to paintings, graffiti and even a ceiling bursting with colourful balloons. A piano can be found on every floor, inviting guests to tinker out their favourite song. The coffee shop is also stocked with books in neat square niches along the dark grey walls gently lit with fabric shaded sconces. Oversized dome shaped lamps are given a tongue in cheek touch as small figurines cling to them like parachutes.

Guestrooms keep to the neutral palette with white walls and floors, accent walls in grey and wooden desks and chairs. Splashes of colour can be found in paintings that offer quirky greetings, and easels set up by the window allow guests to let loose their artistic inclinations. Half height glass enclosed bathrooms provide a sense of openness to the rooms.

Wheat Youth Arts Hotel is a fun and funky place where everyone will feel like a kid again.