If you thought Hong Kong was just full of boring old buildings, think again – despite the constant urbanization and gentrification, certain historical houses with a spooky past remain untouched in the city. One of the most famous haunted houses is Nam Koo Terrace, located in Wanchai, Hong Kong. If you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night, check out the history and ghost stories of this mansion:


Built in 1918, Nam Koo Terrace was originally owned by a wealthy Shanghai merchant called To Chung Man. However, the To family was forced to evacuate the premises during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in World War II, of which the house was used as a military brothel for Japanese soldiers. The property was sold to YUBA Co. Ltd in 1988, but in 1993, Hopewell Holdings took over ownership of the property.

Ghost stories

Due to the excessive abuse and torture local women had to go through during WWII, some superstitious people believe that their headless spirits still haunt the building and spew green smoke at night. One of the most famous ghost sighting incidents occurred in 2003, when a group of eight teenagers tried to live on the wild side and stay in the building overnight. When they saw a dark figure waving at them in the house, five of them remained unharmed, while one of the girls claimed to be possessed and another girl even had to be hospitalized to receive psychiatric treatment for emotional instability.

Whether you are a skeptic or a firm believer in ghosts, there is definitely an eery vibe around the mansion. Other than being located in a secluded area, the broken-down exterior and surrounding vegetation highlight the dark and creepy atmosphere. So the next time you walk past that area, you might want to walk on the other side of the road!