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Taste Interior Design

2018-Taste Interior Design

The employer is a young couple with a pair of children and a pet dog. Young and natural hope that the design can be made stylish fashion, while their more debris, but also have a favorite habits of jewelry collection, female heads of household clothing is also very large, so the storage space is very important to them. How to balance design and functionality is a key consideration for designers. The special feature is that the overall design will not affect the sense of space and the design style. All the cabinets are designed in a hidden style and are based on black and white. We hope to achieve a new level of elegance and elegance. The master room and the children room are not standard room areas. After the basic furniture is placed, the space is small and the storage space is insufficient. Therefore, the master room is fully paved with storage floors, and large wardrobes are set up along the site, and some of the neighboring rooms are misappropriated. Another locker; the design of the children’s room has its own personal characteristics, with a combination of bed and sill bed, long-term use of the head.