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Apartments in Wanchai

Located centrally on the northern shore of Hong Kong, between Admiralty and Causeway Bay, Wanchai is one of Hong Kong's oldest districts and today is a blend of old traditions and new developments.

Housing in Wanchai has many older residential buildings, but many of them are being destroyed and new residential apartments replace the old. Many of the modern apartments have stunning views of the commercial landscape in Wanchai, or harbor-views looking across the harbor to the Kowloon side. Some apartments get a green mountain view, although not many.

The area is intertwined with old and new, family run printing shops, hardware shops, fresh fruit and vegetable market stalls, residential developments, modern grade A commercial buildings, 5-star hotels, the Convention Hall and Plaza, Government services and institutions, and the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts.

It is a crowded neighborhood, but with the Urban development plan for the Queen’s Road East throughway, there is still great capacity for gentrification. Here developers are harmonizing the old with the new and creating a skyline of both residential and commercial centers.

Transportation in Wanchai

Queen’s Road East, Lockhart Road and Hennessy Road are the major throughways which connect the Western and Eastern Corridor of Hong Kong Island through Central and Wanchai. The roads are busy with buses making way to all destinations, making above ground transportation to and from the district very easy. Further, as mentioned above, the MTR line has an exit in the heart of Wanchai and exits in all directions within Wanchai. The ferry pier by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center ferries passengers from Wanchai to Tsim Sha Tsui and to Whampoa Gardens.

Schools in Wanchai

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