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Ngau Tau Kok Unit / Flat / Apartment For Rent in Kowloon , Hong Kong

Ngau Tau Kok - Amoy Gardens

Price: HK$ 4.75 million

Rent: HK$ 14,600

Ngau Tau Kok - Amoy Gardens
Unit / Flat / Apartment :
  • 2 Bedroom(s)
  • 1 Bathroom(s)

Gross Area: 501 (sq.ft.) | Saleable Area: 391 (sq.ft.)

【14/6/2017 UPDATED】NO DUPLICATE & 100%REAL. KAM HOUSE This listing certification number is :AG61703.
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3 • REAL PRICE, we guarantee: KAM HOUSE in Squarefoot. Published within the rental price quoted by the owners as a benchmark.

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