When Is A Mirror More Than A Mirror?

This dramatic and intriguing mirror, created by Studio Monsieur as part of the Maiza Editions, is entitled Deux. And it is revolutionizing the mirror.

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Studio Monsieur is responsible for the Maiza Editions. The design studio was established in 2012 by Manon Leblanc and Romain Diroux, who had studied together in Strasbourg. The pair fused Leblanc’s skills in graphics with Diroux’s knowledge of materials. Surprise and innovation are at the heart of a design studio that looks to question and interpret the manufacturing process.
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Deux moves into the third dimension, becoming more than just a utilitarian vanity object. The mirror reflects at quirky angles, throwing the anticipated view off-kilter and creating an unsettling effect . The result is a playful take on functionality and aesthetics – guaranteed to have house guests taking a second look.
©Studio Monsieur –

The mirror is originally formed like any other, by cutting and then polishing stainless steel. It is then carefully bent into position before the finishing touches are made by hand. The result is 1.895m tall, 0.27m wide. That all important third dimension means it extrudes from the wall by 0.3m.
©Studio Monsieur –

It’s not often that a mirror makes a statement in home decoration. Deux allows you to put the fun back into functionality. It gives you the opportunity to see two sets of images at oncw, a playful take on traditional full length mirror. The strong angled cutting and bold design mean the piece is  both discrete and sculptural.
This is a mirror that looks harder and deeper. On a personal level, it allows you to see yourself from different angles at the same time. Furthermore, it enhances any living space, offering a host of new lighting, new angles and new insights into the area around you. This is a mirror for someone who wants to look at more than just their own reflection.
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