A radical shake-up in Fanling

When addressing housing issues in Hong Kong, the Fanling Golf Course (FGC) is certainly one of the most controversial, given the polarised views it has provoked. Even if the Task Force on Land Supply suggests a partial development option in its latest report, the heated debate is not going to be over anytime soon. On the other hand, the report provides other land supply solutions that should not be overlooked, with developing brownfield sites—new development areas in Kwun Tong North, Fanling North, Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long South—generally supported by society.

Given the new land options from the FGC and brownfield sites to massive private agricultural land reserves, it goes to show New Territories North will play a key part in Hong Kong's future housing supply. Development projects in Kwun Tong North, Fanling North and Hung Shui Kiu are expected to attain fund approval in the short term. From what was a cluster of rural villages inhabited by indigenous clans to, presently a major residential hub in Northeast New Territories with over 40 public and private housing properties, Fanling has come a long way and is going to draw an influx of new population over the next few years, thanks to nearby new development areas (the first batch of newcomers are expected to move into the area in 2023).

Fanling might be a little far from the CBD but it is still conveniently linked by the railway network and bus routes. Admittedly, commute time is relatively longer compared to some districts in the New Territories, however, one of the gifts Fanling offers is a tranquil environment, providing a perfect escape from the busy crowds of the city. The vast areas of nearby country parks and open spaces offer Fanling residents an ideal way to achieve a work-life balance, which is essential to the growth of a healthy neighbourhood.

As Fanling's population is expected to surge in the district, demand for employment is also expected to rise in Fanling. In fact, Fanling is a stone's throw away from land boundary control points, which is a bonus for commercial businesses. With the new round of residential developments set to be in place for the years ahead, it won't be long before the district's industrial sites, storage and infrastructure facilities start to thrive. Slowly but surely, Fanling's potential will manifest itself.

According to Centadata, the current average per-saleable-square-foot price of Fanling's residential properties is HK$10,092. In general, Hong Kong's second-hand market is used to hitting a soft patch ahead of and right after the Lunar New Year. A three-bedroom flat in Flora Plaza in Fanling was recently sold for HK$6 million, which is 5% lower than market price.

Selected developments

Flora Plaza

Located on 88 Pak Wo Road and completed in 1995, Flora Plaza is a co-development from Henderson Land Development and Chinachem Group, comprising of 2,710 units in ten blocks and mostly two- and three-bedroom flats. The property is just a ten-minute walk away from Fanling MTR station.

Fanling Centre

Completed in 1990, this property from Henderson Land Development is located on 33 San Wan Road, offering a total of 2,200 flats in 11 blocks. A high-level four-room unit in Block F, with a saleable area of 368 square feet and two bedrooms, was recently sold for HK$5 million or HK$13,587 per square foot.

Fanling Town Centre

Developed by Chinachem Group, the residence sits on 18 Fanling Station Road and was completed in 1993. It offers 1,280 flats in seven blocks, with a two- and three-bedroom ratio of 7:3. A high-level D unit in Block 6, with a saleable area of 369 square feet, was recently sold for HK$6.68 million or HK$12,954 per square foot.

Dawning Views

Located on 23 Yat Ming Road, Dawning Views from Henderson Land Development was completed in 1999. It offers 2,688 flats in 12 blocks, mostly two- and three-bedroom flats, along with a range of special units available. The development has a mall in its basement and a 50,000-square-foot clubhouse including outdoor pools, a squash court and gym. A G unit on the 22nd floor of Block 10, with a saleable area of 556 square feet, was recently sold for HK$6.75 million or HK$12,149 per square foot.

Things to Know Before Moving into Fanling

Worsening traffic congestion

When the two upcoming development areas in Kwun Tong North and Fanling North are factored in, the new population in Northeast New Territories is expected to surge to 200,000. However, there is no corresponding plan for traffic upgrades in the regularly congested district. The problem will only worsen with more residents moving in.             

Public housing density

With a view to increase housing supply in new development areas, the government plans to raise the density in Kwun Tong North and Fanling North to provide an extra 12,000 public housing units. However, without increasing the size of the areas, the added density will take a toll on living standards.

School net

Fanling belongs to Primary School Net 81, which includes Fanling Government Primary School, Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School, and HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Lin Association School. Its Secondary School Net is part of the North District, with Tin Ka Ping Secondary School, Fanling Lutheran Secondary School and PLK Ma Kam Ming College. The nearest international schools are all in the Tai Po district, including American School Hong Kong, International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen, Japanese International School, Malvern College Hong Kong and Norwegian International School.