Things to know about before moving into Aberdeen


The development of a city's transport system is indicative of its overall popularity. The fast pace of modern living in Hong Kong requires advanced connectivity, without which our efficiency and living quality can be negatively affected. It is no wonder that in every major city in the world, a good transportation network can add tremendous value to properties.

The opening of the South Island Line has helped commuters travel to and from the Southern District; the rush hour traffic going to Wan Chai and Central through the Aberdeen Tunnel has noticeably decreased. In addition, the South Island Line has also encouraged Hongkongers and tourists to explore all that the Southern District has to offer, driving the economy and subsequently housing prices in the area. With four current stops, including Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang, Lei Tung and South Horizons, the West section of the line, which will include Aberdeen, is expected to start construction in 2021 and be put into use
by 2026.

Tourists and Coaches

In recent years, a string of hotels and restaurants, mainly targeting mainland tourists, have opened up in Aberdeen. As a result, the area is seeing an increasing number of tourists and tour buses, which sometimes create a nuisance to local residents, especially when travelling in and out of the area.

Yue Kwong Chuen Redevelopment

With an expected completion date in 2032, Yue Kwong Chuen will relocate to a government-owned 79,000-square-foot plot on Shek Pai Wan Road. Along with units provided by the Hong Kong Housing Society, there will be a combined number of 2,600 public housing units.

Wild Boars

There have been multiple sightings of wild boars opposite Yue Kwong Chuen, on the hills of Yue Kwong Road, in recent months. Rumour has it that a few residents have been feeding the boars, which adversely affects the area's environment.

School Net

Aberdeen belongs to Primary School Net 18, which includes St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School, St. Stephen's College Preparatory School, and St. Peter's Catholic Primary School. Its Secondary School Net belongs to the Southern District, including St. Peter's Secondary School, Hong Kong True Light College, Sacred Heart Canossian College, and St. Stephen's College. There are also a number of international schools in the area such as Singapore International School, Canadian International School of Hong Kong, and Victoria Shanghai Academy.