Castle in the sky: AB Concept's luxury penthouse

Homantin penthouse bedroom

Name one of the many five-star, luxury hotel brands across the globe and it’s highly likely that homegrown interior design firm AB Concept will have had a hand in one of their properties. Here in Hong Kong, the studio — founded by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan — spearheaded the designs of glitzy rooftop lounge CÉ LA VI in Lan Kwai Fong and contemporary Chinese fine dine Bo Innovation. Across the water, they have created such spaces as extravagant as restaurant Mei Ume at Four Seasons Hotel London and the elegant Rosewood Sanya hotel in China. It stands to reason, then, that when AB Concept takes on residential projects they do so with a great amount of flair. 

Homantin penthouse decorative accents

Located in Homantin Hills, this 2,700-square-foot, three-storey penthouse caused such a stir that it was eventually purchased at a record-breaking price of HK$94 million. “That was really encouraging news for us,” said Ng. “The reality is that it’s very hard to quantify a good design, but commonly you can get a higher price tag when people really appreciate your work. It’s almost like if you were a director seeing your movie breaking the records at the box office.” 

Homantin penthouse garden

AB Concept were commissioned by Wing Tai Properties Limited to refurbish the penthouse as a show flat. Having worked with the design studio on various other residential projects for over a decade, the developer shares largely the same vision and aesthetics as Ng and Ngan, meaning that collaborating was a breeze. “We both like simple yet timeless settings,” explained Ng, “and we think that good design is about discipline in the sense that you really understand what about the design is essential.” 

Homantin penthouse dining 01

Ng and Ngan were presented with a mostly empty concrete shell save for the bathroom and kitchen, which were already kitted out. Since the original bathroom and kitchen complemented the design concept, Ng and Ngan decided to leave them as is. “We had 100% freedom to design the rest of the unit however we liked,” said Ng. Keeping the idea of timeless elegance in mind, they opted for a colour palette of beiges, whites and blues, which was accented by copper details. “We and the client felt that we should go for something a bit more subdued, something very tactile with multiple layers of shades, rather than a defined colour,” said Ng. “The copper gives a bit of unique character.” 

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Homantin penthouse dining 02

An element of playfulness can also be found in the decor pieces and accessories, such as the dancing rabbit sculptures on the patio. “In residential projects, it’s unlikely that you’re going to want to change your wall or flooring from time to time,” Ng continued, elaborating on the merits of a more subdued aesthetic overall. “But accessorising is really the occasion where we can play and select pieces that are big in personality and humour, that are memorable and create talking points.” Furniture-wise, the abode is filled with a mix of bespoke furnishings and designer pieces by the likes of Donghia and Craig Van Den Brulle.

Homantin penthouse dining 03

The most important aspect of the home, however, lies outside—each level of the home comes with its own patio, with a rooftop garden topping it all off. The best part about the outdoor spaces? According to Ng, it’s that there’s one on each floor. “This means you can seamlessly connect from the dining room all the way to the outdoor space,” he said. “It’s kind of like an extended living room.” Truly a castle in the sky—both inside and out.  

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