In the depths of Tai Hang

A seemingly quiet neighbourhood, Tai Hang is charming and idyllic in its own unique way. Nestled near Causeway Bay, Tai Hang has undergone rapid urban regeneration and development in the past few years, however, it's community spirit remains strong. With a true mix of old and new and east meets west, Tai Hang is home to a handful of narrow laneways to explore and a multitude of boutiques and artisanal coffee shops to delve into, all the while retaining some of its traditional local elements – giving the area a fresh distinct vibe and Hongkongers a laid-back alternative to Hong Kong’s busy CBD.

Tai Hang


Even though there is no large shopping mall in Tai Hang, visitors and residents living in the area are treated to small boutiques and shops that are full of quirky and vintage items. Most shops are centered around selling homeware items, clothing and decorative bits and bobs. Kanamono Hardware Store and The Minimal are the go-to shops to find quality gems in the area. There are also convenient stores and supermarkets for daily needs, as well as several pet supplies shops.

Tai Hang shopping

Tai Hang Shopping

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Food & beverage

Tai Hang has become the city’s newest hub for some quality food. Its streets are filled with hipster artisanal coffee shops, old school dai pai dongs (traditional outdoor cafes), and several gastropubs, plus some of Hong Kong’s greatest airy rooftop venues for an afternoon tipple. Besides the string of cha chaan tengs (local cafes) that serve up local delicacies at a reasonable price, locals and expats alike flock to retro rooftop bar and cafe BOND which offers European comfort food as well as a decadent brunch spread over the weekends. Located on the ground floor of Little Tai Hang is Second Draft, a collaboration between Young Master Ales and one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated chefs, May Chow. There are several locally brewed beers on tap while the gastropub’s menu is filled with Asian-inspired snacks. For sweet treats, head to Lab Made on Brown Street for a scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Tai Hang Food

Cultural facilities

Situated at the end of Lin Fa Kung Street is popular Lin Fa Temple. Locals head to the temple to pray for well wishes for their family and to see what the year ahead holds for them. The temple is also a popular place to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, during which the annual Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance is hosted. The three-day festival sees a group of 300 people carrying a long blazing dragon on the streets of Tai Hang. The dance remains as one of the most lively and colourful festivals in Hong Kong.

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Fire Dragon Dance

Lin Fa Temple

Tai Hang Lin Fa Temple

Resting on 15 Tai Hang Road, Haw Par Mansion and its surrounding gardens cover eight acres of land and was built in 1933 by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Aw Boon Haw, also known as “The King of Tiger Balm”, as he is best known for introducing the well-known ointment, Tiger Balm. The Chinese Renaissance style mansion was originally built for private residence purposes of Haw’s family, however, the government acquired and preserved the piece of land in 2001 and has since been open to the public.

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