The Island Life of Ap Lei Chau

The South Island Line, launched on 28 December last year, is an extension of the Mass Transit Railway network connected by the Admiralty station, and is composed of four stops including Ocean Park station, Wong Chuk Hang station, Lei Tung station and South Horizons station.

Lei Tung and South Horizons are the two major stations that have completely improved the transportation network and connectivity of Ap Lei Chau.

“In the past, residents on Ap Lei Chau had to take buses, passing through the Ap Lei Chau Bridge and Aberdeen Tunnel, when they went to work in such commercial districts as Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai on the island,” says Brian Wong, an agent from Happy Property Agnecy.

“The volume of traffic pressurized the flow of traffic on the bridge and the Aberdeen tunnel so traffic jams were very common during rush hours. This was the most critical aspect of living on Ap Lei Chau.”

A New Vibe of the Property Market

Finally, the South Island Line has been launched and now travelling from Ap Lei Chau to Admiralty and Central is faster than from the Eastern district. Previously because of the adverse traffic condition, Ap Lei Chau was like a hidden island. Buyers were not willing to move to Aberdeen, not to mention about Ap Lei Chau. In fact, Ap Lei Chau has the pleasant tranquility of a fishing village, but, at the same time, it also has a number of fashionable shops.

Now with the advantage of the railway network, it has attracted a lot of potential buyers since last year. “Considering that the railway network may have a positive impact on the property price, some house owners have adopted a wait-and-see attitude,” Brian describes. “However, good news from the market led to an increase in the number of deals in last December by 30 to 40% comparing to the previous month. Most units sold are at South Horizons.”

As for the leasing market, Brian points out that the cost per saleable square feet is $33. Now, with the launch of the South Island Line, it is possible to increase by 5% though it is still too early to say so.

Selective Properties

South Horizons
Located on the west of Ap Lei Chau, South Horizons is regarded as one of the ten blue-chip estates in Hong Kong. It is composed of 34 apartment buildings offering 9,812units, mostly in 2-to 4-bedroom layout and some specially designed units. The latest deal involves a room C unit on the low zone in block 18, with a gross floor area of 745 square feet and a saleable area of 581 square feet. It is a 2.5-bedroom layout with a suit. The price is $8 million so that the cost per square feet is $13,769. The buyer is from other district and the unit is for self-occupied.

Located on No 8 of Ap Lei Chau Praya Road and launched in 2011, the estate is composed of nine apartment buildings in a straight line, offering 715 units in 1- to 3-bedroom layout with undisturbed sea view. The estate also offers flats that connected to the adjacent unit and duplexes. In late November, a unit in saleable area of 3,026 square feet was leased out at a record-breaking rent of $200,000 per month, where the cost per square feet is $66. It is a specially designed unit with a rooftop, swimming pool and two car parks.

Marina South
Situated on No8 Ap Lei Chau Drive, Marina South is composed of two apartment buildings offering a total of 114 units. There are two flats on each and every floor with a floor area between 1,787 and 2,728 square feet. The units are mostly in 4-bedroom design with panoramic view of the marina club and the ratio of car park is 1:1. The latest deal that involves a room B unit on 30th floor in block 1 is sold by tendering. The saleable area is 1,787 square feet and the price is $47.802million. Cost per square feet of saleable area is $26,700.

Located on 68 Ao Lei Chau Main Street, H • BONAIRE, named after a Caribbean island, offers 106 units from 320 to 675 square feet; specially designed units from 952to 959 square feet including rooftops (from 861to 906 square feet) ; while flats with terraces from 304 to 537 square feet (terraces from 50 to 325 square feet).

Facts about Living in Ap Lei Chau

Heavy Traffic
Even after 8 o’clock in the morning, it is still regarded as the peak hour in Southern district with traffic jams at Aberdeen Tunnel. The condition is deteriorated at racing days. However, it is believed that the situation will be greatly improved by the introduction of the South Island Line.

School Net
Under the primary one placement scheme, the district belongs to school net 18. There are the St. Paul's Co-educational College Primary School, St Stephen’s College Preparatory School and St Peter’s Catholic Primary School. Under the secondary school placement scheme, it belongs to the Southern District. There are St. Peter’s Secondary School, Hong Kong True Light College, Sacred Heart Canossian College, St Stephen’s College and a number of international schools.