Editor's Review: Madera Residences

If there’s a serviced apartment you’ll love at first sight, it’ll be Madera Residences. It’s difficult not to, with the front desk so pleasant and an apartment manager who can call all the residents and workers that we bumped into by their names.

And it’s not just cosmetic; service is Madera’s point of difference and it has long taken pride in its hotel-class personal concierge. One notable is the serviced apartment will keep guests’ personal belongings, be it a hairdryer or cleaning kit, and return it to them next time they visit.

Checking into the room was another treat. Derived from its adjoined sister hotel Madera, the newly revamped Madera Residences has taken its cue from nature. A year and a half ago, guest rooms from the fifth to the 29th floor enjoyed a new look induced by natural wood, done by the Spain-based Lagranja Design.

Perfect for the young and young at heart, each room adopted a tasteful monochrome accent with bright hues of red, orange, yellow and blue. The one I stayed in was red, perky, bright and brimful of energy.

The king-sized (or queen-sized) bed is the centrepoint, next to a glass-wrapped bathroom and a sleek open-pantry kitted out with all sorts of kitchenware you can ask for. Near the sink is a mini bar stacked with complimentary chips, biscuits and soft drinks for additional comforts.

After a long day, many would prefer to draw the curtain and swoop on the bed. But not here – not when two massive windows are displaying the sensational skyline of Kowloon.

Before dinner I head down to Cafe 1997 on the third floor to grab a cup of coffee. Turns out this is my favourite part of the building – a British-themed space with an ample faux-fireplace in the middle, encircled by classic armchairs in loads of colours. Right next door is a homey café tastefully clad in red bricks with a Bowler Hat Light. If, like me, you enjoy pounding on the keyboard at a serene café, this is your place. Pay an extra HK$2000 and you can get breakfast here for the whole month.

Outside the café is an ample alfresco area (not for smoking) which leads to a back door to the hotel. There it has a gym under a studio theme, a game room with a massive screen and two racing simulators, and a rooftop bar peering over the Kowloon skyline, which is the ultimate sensation heightened by a few rounds of beer.

The icing on the cake is a gallery with all sorts of local vintages on display, from a living room set from the last generation, a street scene with a British red phone booth to the original retro car from Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”.

In a bustling hub where everything is about moving forward, it’s a pleasure to see some nostalgic moods in this main drag.

The night was short, but enough to leave a lingering imprint on your heart.

Sitting above the constant buzz of Jordan with exquisite services and a vast span of eateries at the doorstep, Madera Residences ensures you a favourable stay and a sweet home away from home.

Rating (5 is the highest)

Environment: 4/5 Location: 4/5 Amenities: 4/5 Sleep Quality: 4/5


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