Tips to Finding the Right Haunted House for Investment

When searching for a haunted property for investment, you should first find out and confirm the details of the death(s) that occurred in the unit. What was the nature of the death? Was it natural, suicide or homicide? How many deaths occurred? Was it a single incident?

Remember, not all haunted properties present a good investment opportunity. If a brutal homicide or multiple unnatural deaths happened in the unit, it is best to avoid this sort of property because there is too much negative energy and the circumstance is too horrendous. The best haunted properties to invest in are those that involve a natural death or suicide, especially of the sick or elderly, because it is a voluntary act that is in a way less ‘tragic’.

When doing your research, it is best to get your info and intel from multiple real estate agents and you should also run a search at the Births and Deaths Registration and The Land Registry to verify the facts.

Once you have found a suitable haunted property, you should check out the market price of properties in the neighbourhood and if the asking price is lower than the market price by 30% or more, then this is a deal that is worth the investment.

On a side note, a word of caution for those who are trying to avoid haunted properties ― properties that are located on the same floor of a haunted house are usually considered haunted also, so when you are house hunting, be sure to check if there is any haunted house in the vicinity.

Prospective haunted house buyer should also caution that in most cases, banks won’t approve application for a mortgage loan on haunted properties, be sure to take this into consideration when you plan to invest in a haunted house but you should most definitely get a bank valuation to see how much the property is worth.

The last thing you should do before making the purchase is to research the area where the property is located. Does the area have a good transportation infrastructure? Is it a popular neighbourhood that will attract renters and buyers?

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Getting Your Haunted House Ready for Sale and Rental

Even if your prospective buyer or tenant doesn’t mind living in a haunted property, there is no reason not to fix up your property a bit and make it more presentable during viewings. Your first priority is to make sure that the unit is well-lit with plenty of natural light coming in through the windows, especially in the living room, for this will give the tenant a good first impression. Some more work is also necessary, such as cleaning the entire unit and repainting the walls. When deciding on the wall colour, it is wise to pick warmer colours instead of cool colours like grey and white so to give a more comforting and cheerful feeling.

For investors whose final plan is to resell the property for a profit, you should rent out the property first before putting it on the market for this will give the future buyer reassurance that the unit is actually habitable and that he can either live in the unit or rent it out depending on the reason behind his purchase.