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Haunted House - Western District in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2013 12-29 Western District Kwun Lung Lau, 20 Lung Wah Street A 29 year old woman jumped off the building due to depression.
2013 02-10 Western District Tower 48 Baguio Villa Baguio Villa Female victim with emotion disorder jumped off the building
2013 02-01 Western District Sun Luen Building 29, Bonham Road Sun Luen Building Middle aged male killed himself due to financial problem.
2013 01-14 Western District Sen Cheong Building 427, Queen's Road West Sen Cheong Building Female in her 30's burnt charcoal at home and found dead.
2013 01-05 Western District 17/F Wah Lee Building 210, Queen's Road West Wah Lee Building Young personal trainer burnt charcoal at home. A senior female was found dead in the about apartment 2 years ago.
2013 01-01 Western District Block 39 Baguio Villa, Victoria Road Baguio Villa 56 year old male burnt charcoal at home.
2012 12-17 Western District Phase 2 Kwan Yick Building 343, Des Veoux Road West Kwan Yick Building Senior female in her 90's jumped off the building due to health problem
2012 12-13 Western District 10 Second Street Golden Court Male in his 60's with health problem died after long night of drinking
2012 12-06 Western District Leun Wai Apartment 136, Belcher's Street Luen Wai Apartment Retired driver jumped off the building due to health problem
2012 10-10 Western District 45, First Street Drunk Canadian male forgot to bring the keys out with him, fell from the building while he tried to climb back to his apartment from the roof.