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Haunted House - Lai Chi Kok in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2016 11-18 Lai Chi Kok Mei Foo Phase 3 67 year old woman weary of life jumped from the building and died
2016 09-17 Lai Chi Kok Mei Foo Phase 1 91 year old woman fell from building and died
2016 08-16 Lai Chi Kok Mei Foo Phase 08 61 year old woman was killed on the spot after falling off building
2015 05-29 Lai Chi Kok Wah Lai Estate Hei Lai House A woman jumped off the building due to debt problem.
2015 05-02 Lai Chi Kok Lai Yan Court Lai Yan Court A middle-aged man jumped off the building due to emotional illness.
2013 12-06 Lai Chi Kok Liberte Block 3, 833 Lai Chi Kok Road A 61 year old woman jumped off the building due to sickness.
2012 09-16 Lai Chi Kok Hei Lai House Wah Lai Estate Male was found dead by his mother, victim was believed to be addicted to thinner inhalation
2009 03-21 Lai Chi Kok 8/F Lai Yue House Ching Lai Court Ching Lai Court Filipino domestic helper hanged herself in the bathroom
2009 03-10 Lai Chi Kok Block 1 Liberte Liberte Infant boy was dead from SIDS
2008 04-25 Lai Chi Kok 12/F 15, Nassau St Mei Foo Sun Cheun Mei Foo Sun Chuen Male jumped off the building with death note
2007 03-11 Lai Chi Kok 307-309 Lai Chi Kok Rd Old male jumped off the building
2002 01-21 Lai Chi Kok
2001 08-22 Lai Chi Kok
1999 07-24 Lai Chi Kok