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About Swallow Garden Phase 2, Fanling
Swallow Garden Phase 2 is a/an Village House located at Fanling. Swallow Garden Phase 2 was built in 1992. Swallow Garden Phase 2 is located in School Net 81.
Nearby schools:
Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School, Fanling Public School, Fanling Lutheran Secondary School, The Fanling Assemblies Of God Kindergarten, Fanling Baptist Church Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten
Nearby public transportation:
Swallow Garden, Fanling Swimming Pool, Fanling Law Courts Building, Pik Fung Road, Fanling Fire Station
Nearby medical/hospital/clinics:
Fanling Family Medicine Centre

There are 1 properties/units for sale in Swallow Garden Phase 2. Our comprehensive listing details will help finding, buying, or renting your ideal property easier.

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