A new home means the start of a new cycle and a need for an invisible welcome sign

According to feng shui, the act of moving is considered a key event in life. It symbolises the start of a new life; a brand new cycle. There are several simple “move-in” rituals that are crucial in welcoming luck to enter the prospective homes.

Who doesn’t want a lucky fresh start?

First and foremost, choose the right moving date and time. Both play an important role in the cycles of luck and fortune for the resident. Both the date and time should be in harmony with the owner/occupier’s birth chart and the location of the new residence.

An easy way to identify the right date and time is by referring to the annual Chinese Almanac Calendar. Otherwise, consult a feng shui master for help. Once the auspicious date and time are all set, the next step is to carry out the moving-in procedures in their proper order. The order of these is important, and step-by-step literally means step-by-step.

When the clock strikes, get ready and go.

1 Rice Bucket and Red Pockets

Carry a rice container with you when you step into your new home. The container should be filled with rice and have two red pockets inside. This ritual helps to invite wealth and fortune.


2 Getting the Bedroom in Order

The second part of the ritual is setting up the beds, which is associated with fortune and happiness. Get the order right: sheet linens, quilt, then pillows.

The key here is order and the bedding has to be made within an auspicious time frame. To avoid complications, it’s always a good idea to set up the bed bases or frames in advance.

3 Fire Up and Make Some Noise

The next step is to add sound and movement to the picture, followed by ventilation and lighting. Here are a series of things to do — once again in the right order.

First, get some water boiling. It’s best to use a whistling kettle to add some noise to the space, but if one is not available, any kettle or saucepan will do. As soon as you hear the water boiling, turn on television and the radio. Once you get the audio-visual going, open up all the windows then turn on the air conditioning and electric fans. Last but not least, switch on all the lights.

The idea is to draw prosperity to your new home by introducing vitality. As a way to be conscientious of the environment, all the electrical appliances can be switched off after around 15 minutes when the moving-in ritual is complete.

In Chinese tradition, respecting one’s parents and ancestors always tops the list of virtues. If you are going to set up shrines at your new home, you should re-arrange the moving steps and make setting up any shrines the top priority. Depending on your preferences, burning incense is optional.

As the saying goes, “A good head-start is a battle half won.” Unless you are totally against the idea of switching on unused electronic appliances, why not give it a try.

If a shrine is needed for your new home, please refer to previous article of “Incense“.