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Residential Winners

Septem Design Limited

2018-Septem Design Limited 2

Understanding that the owner is an advocate of Scandinavian design, the designer deliberately decorates the wall and the furniture with molding in simplicity style to match with the beige floor tiles. In addition, ornamental elements of wood and golden steel are used to present a sophisticated tranquility. Scandinavian design has its emphasis on space. In order not to affect the aesthetic, the designer arranges an open and integrated design for storage. The built-in shoe cabinet extends to blend into the TV wall. The wall mounted and standing cabinets are constituted with lattice pattern and detailed floral line to keep shoes, collectibles, books and television orderly. In terms of daily life, a feature wall and a hidden door are tailor-made to cleverly separate the living room and the owner’s private rest area. On the other hand, since the male owner usually works at home, the designer creates a wall bed with flexible mechanism beside the bookshelf in order not to affect the daily routine of the female owner. The wall bed is concealed with drawers and covered-door to maintain the aesthetic of the overall design. As there are regulations at the apartment that the main door cannot be altered, the designer thoughtfully extends the main veneer to the interior of the main door as decoration to surpass the limit of the third party and create a whole new elegant home atmosphere.