Viewing a Property

Whether the property is a residential unit from the developer or it’s a second-hand property, visit the property in person to learn about the actual environment, traffic conditions, noise situations, pollution problems, etc. The Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) of the area will show land uses and major road system proposed by the Town Planning Board.

If the property is a residential unit being sold by the developer and it’s not ready yet, the location plan in the sales brochure should contain such important information. The sales brochure should also include information on developments of public facilities and the anticipated dates of completion.

If the property is a second-hand property, inspect the property carefully before signing any sale and purchase agreement. Other items to note:

  • If there is any person, other than the registered owner, residing in the property or owning beneficial interest in the property
  • If there are any additions or alterations done on the structure of the property
  • If the property is occupying any common area
  • If any furniture, electrical appliances, decorations, lighting, etc., are included in the sale of the property; if there is, these items should be included in the agreement for sale

Each property unit has its specified purpose, whether it’s a second-hand property, or a new development sold by the developer, it should state provisions of the Government Lease (Land Grant) including restrictions on the use of the property.

The property must be used in compliance with the Occupation Permit and the Deed of Mutual Covenant of the building. If the Occupation Permit specifies the use of the property as domestic, the property cannot be used for non-domestic purposes; if the Occupation Permit specifies the use of the property as non-domestic, the property cannot be used for domestic purposes.

When viewing a second-hand property, purchasers should find out all types of area information (including the “saleable area”) from the estate agent. If necessary, they should ask for further details or inspect on site what is covered by the “saleable area” and other areas.