Sai Kung


The text is available in Chinese only.


The text is available in Chinese only.

PropertySai Kung's cost effective homes

Known for its serene, beautiful environment, Sai Kung offers plenty of practical village houses

Video ChannelThe beauty of Sai Kung

Nestled in the north-east of the New Territories, Sai Kung was formerly a fishing village

LifestyleConsiderations when Renting a Home in Hong Kong

You are an expat who have gotten a job appointment in Hong Kong, one of your major tasks is to find appropriate housing.

LifestyleWhy is Sai Kung the Ultimate Expat Heaven?

For most expats, it is hard to adjust to the high-density cityscape of Hong Kong and Sai Kung is the top choice...

LifestyleThe Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in Hong Kong

Searching for a pet-friendly neighborhood to provide a safe haven for yourself and your furry child?

LifestyleSai Kung Makes a Good Long-Term Investment

Known as the backyard of Hong Kong, Sai Kung is one of the most favourite getaways for Hongkongers.

Video ChannelThe Weekend Escape to Sai Kung

Other than its geographic spectacles, hip coffee shops and bars and fresh seafood, Sai Kung...