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Fanny Wai

A wine lover who got into the industry by chance and has since been running a wine shop business.

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》Japanese Whisky Special Edition

Japanese whisky brands Hibiki and Yamazaki are well-known for their special editions, which ones have you collected?

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》Fathers of Japanese Whisky

It is no exaggeration to call the founder of Suntory and Nikka the fathers of Japanese whisky......

Lifestyle《The Wines of the World》Japanese Highball Whisky

Highball has been around since the beginning of the last century. Traditionally, it was not limited to using whiskey...

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》Yamazaki’s Path to Success

The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask 2013 was awarded 2015 World Whiskey of the Year in Whisky Bible...

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》In Search of Boutique Bourbon

Since Bourbon is not a mainstream in Hong Kong, it is difficult to find boutique Bourbon in the city...

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》The Unforgettable Bourbon Whiskey

In terms of sales and popularity, American Bourbon whiskey can rival that of Scotch whisky.

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》The Floral Taste of Speyside Whisky

In this post, I will give an introduction of a very well-known and popular region—Speyside.

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》The Distinctive Islands Whisky

I am going to do an introduction of another whisky distilling region in Scotland ― The Islands.

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》The Whiskies of Islay

Aside from The Highlands, another well-known region is Islay. It is undeniable that......

Lifestyle《Wines of the World》The Home of Whisky―Scotland

Let's continue and talk about the characteristics of mainstream whiskies from different countries.