Home is where the heart is

With a career spanning over 20 years, Gary Chung has certainly made a name for himself in both the makeup and fashion industries.  Working as a beauty columnist and with a makeup academy under his name, Chung’s rolodex includes big names such as socialite and former model Cathy Chui. Like anyone that works a frantic lifestyle, they demand a comfortable home to relax and unwind in, and Chung knows exactly what he wants from his personal sanctuary.

Chung’s interest in home décor started when he was just a young boy in primary school, reading Vogue magazines in the school library; in middle school, a wide collection of elegant interior design photos in Elle Decor opened his mind to the concept of décor and home.

Once an aspiring fashion designer, Chung later discovered his passion for stage design. During his years as a student at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Chung tried his hand at makeup and realised he had a talent for it. His professional career as a makeup artist began when he was hired to do makeup for Canto pop-stars such as Miriam Yeung and Eason Chan. A naturally curious person, Chung has stepped outside the makeup box in becoming a social media personality as well as studying video editing. Needless to say, Chung’s busy schedule has become even more packed over the years.

As his family resides overseas, Chung has been living by himself since the age of 17, and currently lives in a 1,700-square-foot unit in North Point with his four cats. From layout and design to furnishing, Chung was very much involved in every aspect of creating his own perfect nest. To provide a safe and joyful life for his feline roommates, he converted the 60-square-foot balcony into an indoor space, and to achieve the spacious living room he has always wanted, he took down a wall and connected two rooms into one.

The living room walls were painted white and decorated with artworks sourced from all over the world. As an avid art collector, Chung changes the paintings on the walls every three months, turning the space into a bona fide gallery. The bedroom—Chung’s favourite room in the home—has a great view of the woods behind the building. The greenery is complemented by the English country-style red brick wall in the bedroom, which took Chung three days to cover with acrylic paint. When not working, Chung spends most of his time at home and puts a lot of effort into making it cozy and chic; every time he goes on a work trip aboard, he would reserve some time to pick up local second-hand furniture and home decorations.

With the rise of e-commerce, he has also spent a lot of time looking for interesting items online. After years of reading and collecting home design magazines, Chung says that he truly admires the tremendous attention and care that the British pay to their homes. “In British homes,” he adds,
“you can often find old pieces of furniture and even some family heirlooms.” These days, Chung is still doing his research and looking at new properties with his agents, stating that he prefers buildings with fewer units as they offer higher levels of privacy and will allow him to know his neighbours more intimately. An experimenter of styles, he plans for his next home to have a “southern fishing village” inspired design concept.