Putting Aberdeen on the map

aberdeen harbour

Known as a fishing port, Aberdeen has gone through extensive redevelopment in the past decade and as fishermen resettled on land and new developments started burgeoning across the area, the district has transformed into a vibrant area, adding to  home buyers' and investors' high hopes for the area's huge property appreciation potential.

Aberdeen is an old area on Hong Kong Island with an aging population, and as residents' children and grandchildren start their own families, it has created a large housing demand that has been increasing thanks to the addition of the South Island Line. “There is a housing shortage in Aberdeen at the moment, and most buyers are being cautious and observing the market,” says Brian Wong, an agent at Happy Properties Agency. “This past February saw 56 home sales in the area. The average per-square-foot price is
HK$16,694. These numbers are comparable to those from January and December.” After the primary market experienced a low spell in February, buyers are warming up again towards small-sized units, resulting in higher home prices and rents. Currently, the newest development in Aberdeen is SOUTH WALK aura, whose biggest draw point is starter homes with a price tag of roughly HK$4 million—a rarity on Hong Kong Island.

Selected properties

aberdeen centre

Aberdeen Centre

Developed by Hutchison Whampoa and completed in 1982, this housing estate is located on 11 Nam Ning Street in a shopping area. It consists of 20 blocks, offering a total of 2,788 units, with the saleable area ranging from 432 to 723 square feet. A 438-square-foot unit on the 19th floor of Block A was recently sold at HK$6.53 million, or HK$14,909 per square foot.

baguio villa

Baguio Villa

Located on 555 Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam, this traditional luxury estate by New World Development was completed in 1979 and has 21 blocks with a total of 1,535 units, ranging from 906 to 2,488 square feet. A unit on the 35th floor with a saleable area of 1,296 square feet was recently rented for HK$56,000 per month, or a monthly cost of HK$43 per square foot.


Located on 12 Tin Wan Street, this Henderson development is a standalone building expected to be completed by October 2019. It has 142 units, with a saleable area size between 164 and 493 square feet. Close to 70% of the units are studio apartments, with the development's 164-square-foot flats being the second smallest units on Hong Kong Island.