3 Tips to decorate your sweet home for this X'mas


It’s that time of year again: to put up your Christmas tree, bedeck your home in red and green, and make sure there’s a roaring fire going in the fireplace. Or is it? While the classic, postcard-perfect Christmas setting has its charm, the fact of the matter is that Christmas decor can have as much variety as there are homeowners, with plenty of room to mix and match to suit your own aesthetic.

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1. Theme

“You can make anything festive depending on your decor and what you tend to gravitate towards,” says Jennifer Margolin, co-founder and CEO of florist and specialty gift company BYDEAU. That isn’t to say that your decor shouldn’t have focus though. Shana Buchanan, founder of design boutique iDecorate, elaborates, “We all get tempted to buy new ornaments, but then you can quickly end up with a mish-mash of decorations and a confused looking Christmas tree. Adopting a theme will keep your home in harmony for the holidays.”

2. Colours

When it comes to colours, Buchanan suggests opting for either one or the other of the classic red and green — then selecting other shades as complements. Add burgundy or blush, fluorescent or hot pinks to your reds; set aqua, dark green and turquoise alongside your rich greens. Margolin echoes this advice, suggesting updating red and green with shades such as hot pink and light green for a different take. Metallic colours are also a good bet, and pastels are seeing a rise in popularity. “This year, I’ve been working a lot with greens, whites, and velvety silvers for an almost antique feel, complemented with glass ornament balls,” says Margolin. “We’re also getting more and more requests for pastel palettes with pops of brighter colour.” 

The preference for such shades is in keeping with the path Christmas decorating seems to be going in this year, which is fun and playful. “The biggest trend this year is to make Christmas less formal and more colourful and quirky,” says Buchanan. “The minimal Scandinavian trend was big two years ago, but now it’s all about kitsch, vintage, and candy-inspired decorations.” Cute, brightly coloured animals seem to be particularly popular.




3. Nature of activities

If you’re planning on throwing a Christmas bash of some sort, take that into consideration when arranging your decor too, as a cocktail party and a dinner party have very different requirements. “For a cocktail, you want to have a lot more room for people to mingle,” says [Jennifer]. “You won’t want to have lots of big decorations that take up space. However, for a dinner party you can take the time to have beautiful table decor: a centrepiece, flowers. You can play with napkin rings, pressed flowers, menus.”



When all’s said and done, however, Christmas is all about spending time in a comfortable environment with your loved ones — so it’s up to you whether you prefer to keep it sweet and simple or go the full nine yards with your decorations. “At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable in your own home — so do what makes the most sense for you and your existing decor,” concludes Margolin.

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