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Home ownership is a dream shared by many Hongkongers. However, does owning a home necessarily mean that you will live a more comfortable life? If you look at the statistics of new housing developments, you’ll see that the size of Hong Kong’s units is shrinking and are becoming smaller and smaller. According to data provided by Knight Frank, 36% of units in developments to be completed between 2018 and 2022 are under 400 square feet and 4% are under 200 square feet. Ironically, the smaller they get, the higher their per-square-foot prices are. 

Although the real estate market has been dominated by new developments in recent years, the primary market is not without problems stemming from issues such as inflated buildings, tiny flat sizes and impractical room layouts, resulting in an inferior level of living quality. Considering that properties with a high-quality living environment is a huge advantage no matter whether you are buying a home for self-occupancy or investment, buyers with sufficient financial means are advised to look for second-hand homes in residential areas with well-developed facilities and public transport systems. Tai Koo, located in the Eastern District, is one of those well-equipped areas.

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Placed as one of the more popular estates in the Eastern District, Taikoo Shing is an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their homes. They favour this particular estate for a number of reasons, among them is its high-efficiency rate, good urban planning and a convenient transport network. In terms of facilities, Tai Koo has a balanced combination of residential, commercial and leisure spaces, while enjoying a wide variety of retail, dining and entertainment outlets. When it comes to public transport, bus, minibus, MTR and tram stops can be found in virtually every corner of the area, and the Eastern tunnel is also nearby, allowing residents to easily travel to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon East. In addition, office spaces in the Eastern District are much coveted by international corporations, with many of Fortune Global 500 companies setting up their Hong Kong offices there. Thanks to well thought out early planning, Tai Koo stands as one of the city’s most vibrant and convenient neighbourhoods.

With a lack of sustainable long-term housing policies, Hong Kong’s housing supply sits at a low level; while the government encourages developers to make smaller units to increase supply as a way to tackle short housing supply, the living quality of ordinary residents has become the ultimate sacrifice. Tai Koo, however, is a highly desirable area with plenty of medium- to large-sized units, making its real estate a worthy investment.

Things to know before moving into Tai Koo

Taikoo Place Redevelopment Project

The project mainly involves the development of two Grade-A office buildings offering two million square feet of office space. The first one, set to open in mid-2018, is expected to attract a large number of companies to move in, driving up the neighbourhood’s housing demand. 

School net

The district’s primary school net is No. 14, with North Point Government Primary School, Canossa School and Taikoo Primary School. Its secondary school net belongs to Easter District, which includes Belilios Public School, Kiangsu-Chekiang College and Cheung Chuk Shan College.

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