4 things to know before moving into Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay

Located in the heart of the Southern District, Repulse Bay is home to many oceanside properties offering high living quality. The lack of new developments in the area gives these properties great appreciation potential and rent profits. “Repulse Bay enjoys beautiful views and a quality school net, and property units here tend to be on the larger side, making it a desirable area for families,” director of Knight Frank real estate agency, Josephine Lo, explains. The fact that the Southern District is a referred area for local celebrities also serves as a confidence boost for nvestors. “In October and November this year, No. 2 Cape Drive, a luxury home development by China Overseas Land & Investment Limited, had two big sales,” Lo adds. “Both units have a saleable area of 4,198 square feet, and were sold at a price of over HK$62,000 per square foot.

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Things to know before moving into Repulse Bay

Comparing areas

Luxury homes built along Repulse Bay Road are divided into three tiers. Properties at the start of the road, closer to the downtown area on the north side of Hong Kong Island, are the most expensive. The middle section of the road is near an entertainment and retail area, hence real estate here is highly sought after. Homes built towards the end of the road tend to have lower per-square-foot prices due to the remoteness of the location on Repulse Bay Road.

Public transport

Since the arrival of the South Island Line, residents of Repulse Bay can take public buses or minibuses to the Ocean Park MTR station, and travel to all parts of Hong Kong from there. Knight Frank's Lo adds that due to the opening of the Ocean Park MTR station, traffic around the Aberdeen Tunnel and Nam Fung Road has been relieved.

Mountain views

A large number of luxury homes in the area are built on the mountainside and boast good Feng Shui. However, pay attention to the type of mountain view the unit offers, you want to be able to see lush greenery from your window and not loose hillside rocks.

School net

Repulse Bay belongs to primary school net 18, which has St. Paul's Co-educational Primary School, St. Stephen's College Preparatory School and St. Peter's Catholic Primary School. Its secondary school net belongs to the Southern District, which includes St. Peter's Secondary School, Hong Kong True Light College, Sacred Heart Canossian College and St. Stephen's College. The district also has a few international schools, such as Singapore International School, Canadian International School of Hong Kong and Victoria Shanghai Academy.

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