The rebirth of Kennedy Town

Kennedy Town

Once deemed as a desolate area of Hong Kong, Kennedy Town has become a much-coveted destination in recent years, especially after getting its own MTR station. Nowadays, it is known for its well-developed transport system, scenic natural surroundings, quiet environment and string of good schools.

Apart from the upgrade in the transportation network, all the other desirable features of Kennedy Town have always been there. Its low-key, laidback atmosphere creates a striking contrast against the hustle and bustle of the adjacent Sheung Wan and Central neighbourhoods. To fully appreciate Kennedy Town’s unique qualities, one needs to live in the area.

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In the past, Kennedy Town gave off the impression that it only has old developments. However with the attempt of urban regeneration, the district has seen several new residential buildings as well. “The area has a diverse portfolio of housing units with a wide price range,” explains Jenny Yeung from Kin Kee Property Agency. “It has attracted first-time homeowners as well as professionals seeking rentals. Apart from old walk-ups and standalone buildings, Kennedy Town has a few older estates such as Smithfield Terrace and Smithfield Court, which are over 30 years old and make ideal first homes for homeseekers. The rentals are usually HK$15,00 to $17,000 a month. Newer estates (less than 20 years old) such as Cayman Rise and The Merton are pricier, with monthly rent ranging from HK$23,000 to $26,000. The newest projects in the area are The Hudson on Davis Street and Imperial Kennedy on Belcher's Street, both of which became available last year.”

Many parents also choose to move to the area for its collection of prestigious schools. Yeung says that this particular demographic tend to opt for large luxury homes and is a continuous driving force of the neighbourhood’s real estate demand.

Selected properties:

Imperial Kennedy

Located on 68 Belcher's Street, this standalone building offers 161 units. The saleable area of standard units are mostly one to three bedrooms, ranging between 387 and 932 square feet. The building also has some special units and a clubhouse named “Sky Kennedy.” The rent for a one-bedroom unit is around HK$25,000 a month.

Smithfield Terrace

Smithfield Terrace

The 31-year-old estate, located on 71-77 Smithfield, comprises of four buildings and has a total of 912 units, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Saleable areas are between 221 and 457 square feet, ideal for first-time homeowners. According to Yeung, the rent for a 280-square-foot one-bedroom unit is HK$15,000 to 16,000 per month.

Cayman Rise

Cayman Rise

Cayman Rise, located on 29 Ka Wai Man Road, was completed in 2000, belonging to the Sandwich Class Housing Scheme and is owned by the Hong Kong Housing Society. The estate features two buildings with 496 units, and saleable areas between 588 and 808 square feet. A E unit on the 10th floor of Block 1, with a saleable area of 523 square feet, was recently sold at HK$8.48 million, or HK$16,214 per square foot.

Things to know before moving into Kennedy Town

Unpleasant public facilities

While Kennedy Town sits close to Mount Davis and Victoria Harbour, the neighbourhood is also home to a refuse transfer station and the Victoria Public Mortuary, which may be unpleasant for residents living in nearby estates.

Small flats in old buildings

Kennedy Town is home to a large number of old standalone buildings, which are typically cheaper than housing estates. However, units in old buildings are usually 300 square feet or less and large-sized flats are rare.

School net

Kennedy Town belongs to primary school net 11, which has Sacred Heart Canossian School, King's College Old Boys' Association Primary School and Saint Stephen's Girls' Primary School and Kindergarten. Its secondary school net belongs to the Central and Western District with St. Paul's Co-educational College, King's College and Ying Wa Girls' School. The University of Hong Kong is also nearby.

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