TUV Rheinland Joins Hands with Haier to Promote Green Technologies, Leading Global Industry Innovation

QINGDAO, China, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The global launch of the Haier Central Air Conditioning Laboratory was held today at the Haier Group headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong province. The laboratory has been authorized by TUV Rheinland Group (hereafter referred to as "TUV Rheinland") as appointed laboratory. This means that Haier Central Air Conditioning Laboratory has reached international advanced standards. In the future, Haier central air conditioning will be able to obtain EU certification in the production site, shorten the lead time for products entering into overseas markets, paving the way for the export to the EU market.

Kalyan Varma, TUV Rheinland's Global Business Field Manager, Electrical, and Jay Yang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Greater China, Electrical, attended the ceremony and gave the speech.
Kalyan Varma, TUV Rheinland's Global Business Field Manager, Electrical, and Jay Yang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Greater China, Electrical, attended the ceremony and gave the speech.

Kalyan Varma, Vice President of TUV Rheinland, Business Field Electrical, Global and Jay Yang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Greater China, Electrical, attended the ceremony. In his speech, Varma said, "Today's certification ceremony is a truly significant moment as our two highly regarded companies come together again. TUV Rheinland authorized the Haier Central Air Conditioning Laboratory to take the cooperation to a new level, bringing us closer together, making us more efficient, and creating benefits for both of us."

The Haier Group was founded in 1984, and today is the world's leading brand for major household appliances. Haier central air-conditioning is at the cutting edge of green energy-saving technology development, and Haier products are a mainstay in the refrigeration industry, both in China and globally. Haier central air conditioning has been committed to the green energy technology research, to improve the environment. It matches TUV Rheinland mission to ensure the safety, quality and economic efficiency of the interaction between man, technology and the environment.

TUV Rheinland has a German commitment to quality and over 140 years of experience in product testing, inspection, and certification. The company has been in China for nearly three decades, working to improve Chinese manufacturing quality and to enhance the country's enterprise compliance management and international competitiveness.

Cooperation between Haier Group and TUV Rheinland dates back more than 20 years. Haier's 1st safety certification for exporting product was issued by TUV Rheinland. Since then, TUV Rheinland has extended to provide technical support in safety testing and certification for home air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other products. "We began working with Haier central and commercial air-conditioners 15 years ago. Because central/commercial air conditioners are more complicated than home a/c products, they require more sophisticated testing procedures for certification. We have worked together with Haier on testing and assessment to make sure Haier products go abroad, and gain industry recognition." said Jay Yang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Greater China Electrical Products, at the ceremony.

On June 15th of this year the Haier R290 ECO SMART air-conditioner product line received TUV Rheinland certification. The certificate indicates that Haier's R290 ECO SMART Air Conditioner production line in Jiaozhou interconnected factory has met the criteria specified in the European Explosion-Proof Safety Instructions and the IEC International Standards and Safety Requirements.

After the ceremony, guests were given a tour of Haier's interconnected manufacturing facility. "The Central Air Conditioning Laboratory is Haier's innovative response to the demands of the new global industrial revolution in the Internet era," said Ms. Wang Li, General Manager of Haier Central Air Conditioning. "Interconnected factories are transforming Haier from a traditional manufacturer into an open entrepreneurship platform with an ecosystem that extends to social networks and community economies. Haier is converting traditional physical plants into interconnected factories, and transforming mass manufacturing into mass customization."

TUV Rheinland recognized Haier's pioneering spirit and its relentless quest for innovative ideas. "Haier has steadily increased the value it delivers to its customers, showcasing the company's core competency and integrity. Haier is a disciplined organization in persistent pursuit of quality, TUV Rheinland is confident and will fully cooperate with its digital, intelligent, and interconnected core development strategy," said Varma.

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