Holiday Delicacies

GREAT Food Hall - THE Shopping Destination for the Cosmopolitan Gourmet

GREAT Food Hall is Hong Kong’s own stylish food concept and international gourmet emporium. Owned and operated by the A.S. Watson Group, GREAT Food Hall debuted in 2000 to great acclaim and has since demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing the best in luxury food shopping. GREAT Food Hall now ranks among the world’s finest purveyors of fresh foods.

Accessibly located in the spacious basement of Pacific Place, GREAT Food Hall captures the enthusiasm and curiosity for high-quality food that is a hallmark of the discerning Hong Kong shopper.

Kick Start the Holiday Seasons with Delicious Delicacies

GREAT Food Hall has searched far and wide to bring together an unrivalled holiday selection that encompasses all the cherished culinary traditions of Christmas. Everything possible to make the holidays memorable has been thought of: full festive feasts, seasonal specialties, mis-en-place ingredients, all sorts of Christmas cakes and in-house baked holiday goodies, plus more than a dozen different hampers brimming with countless delicious ways to celebrate.

Epicurean Adventures $4888
Heaped to the hilt with marvelous foods to discover and delight in all season long, from goose foie gras and Labeyrie duck terrine to premium panettone and tempting truffles. The ultimate indulgence: Heston Blumenthal’s famous Christmas pudding.

Gourmet Grandeur $2200

Intended to be a celebration in itself, ‘Gourmet Grandeur’ contains a selection of well-matched items suitable for a mini rendezvous, pre-dinner soiree or even the main meal. Duck confit and pork rillettes made by the French brand Casino, H. Forman & Son Scottish smoked salmon, Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton cheese, twice-baked savoury crackers with cranberries and hazelnuts, a whole Bavarian ham, and a richly fruited Christmas pudding from Waitrose are part of this hamper.

Christmas Wishes $3500

Fine chocolates and biscuits, classic sweets and modern puddings, and just about everything else
possibly desired sets you on your merry way. Green & Black’s Organic Tasting Collection of white to dark 85% chocolate is a splendid addition.

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