5 steps to a successful campaign to sell your house

Once you’ve decided to put your property on the market, there are some simple ways to strategically get the most from your sales campaign.

Here’s what you should consider before putting up that For Sale sign.

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1. Choose an agent

Getting the right agent will help with your sales campaign.

Go to real estate agencies in your neighborhood and talk to the agents as a buyer, go through the house and don’t mention that you’re selling, then you will understand exactly what they’re going to do for you and see whether their selling style suits you.

The Agent Search engine on also allows you to research agents based on location.

2. Choose a time to sell

Consider what time of the year is the best for the sale.

Take into account your family’s plans. You may want to avoid selling when your teenager is preparing for exams or if you have a newborn in the house.

You may also want to think about the weather and which season really makes your house shine.

The long holidays (except Chinese New Year) are the most popular time to sell, but the real estate market operates all year round.

3. Make necessary repairs

Repair and fix the flaws in your house before selling it.

Your house may have some areas that need to be repaired or fixed before it goes on the market.

4. Presentation is everything

Dressing your property for success is vital for any sales campaign.

Try to declutter your belongings and go for the minimalist look so that people can picture what they want when they enter the unit.

5. Have realistic expectations

Make sure your price expectations are based on market research and talking to your agent.

Friends and family may have an opinion on what price your house will fetch on the market. But chances are their estimations are not as accurate as your agent’s.

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Author: Kate Jones