Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts by Towngas

Founded in France in 1954, Disciples Escoffier is one of the world's most renowned international culinary associations. Two years ago, Disciples Escoffier partnered with Towngas Cooking Center, largest of its kind in Hong Kong, to bring Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts to the city, offering quality open flame cooking and culinary training.

The programme is comprised of three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced and they are designed to teach authentic French cooking techniques, including knife skills, food pairing, cooking of rare produce, food presentation and so on. Upon completion of the programme and passing the examination, students will be awarded the Disciples Escoffier Diploma in Culinary Arts and Level 5 Certificate of training in French Cuisine accredited by the French Ministry of Education. This is the first time the certificate is awarded outside of France and it grants students the qualification to pursue as a professional cook or open restaurants in France.

The seventh and eighth edition of the programme will begin in February 2017, with each taking a maximum of 12 students. Vincent Leroux, Chairman and Curriculum Director of Disciples Escoffier Hong Kong, is one of the instructors and he will select a student to be The Best of the Best from the past eight editions based on the criteria of cooking skill, knife skill, food knowledge and kitchen hygiene. The student will be offered the opportunity to learn from a Michelin-starred restaurant chef in France in person and awarded a scholarship from Towngas Cooking Center!

During the past two years, the programme has trained nearly 50 professional chefs, including one of the first graduates and famous actor Joey Leung, cooking instructor Zoe Tsang and many culinary enthusiasts from different professions such as multinational restaurant owners, bankers, lawyers, accountants and others.