Lu Feng on The Peak - A Throwback to the 60s

The Peak has long been Hong Kong’s number one tourist spot with good reason. As the highest summit on Hong Kong island, it offers breathtaking views of the city’s urban landscape to the north and quiet seas to the south. Enjoying a leisurely meal with the city lights literally at your feet is an experience to be savoured. This October, local restaurateurs Epicurean Group opened a two storey, 6,000 square foot restaurant that enhances the experience by transporting diners back to a 1960s tea house. Designed by Philip Po, of PP Design Studio, Lu Feng is a throwback to the colourful days of neon signs, metal roofs and intricately laid mosaic tiles.

Lu Feng’s casual ambience on the lower level boasts 44 seats and reflects the traditions of a bustling yum cha joint. An open kitchen allows diners to check out dim sum chefs prepping delicacies in bamboo steamers or siu mei experts tending to suckling pigs. The double height atrium above is decorated with lit banners, whimsical signage and corrugated metal overhangs that reference Hong Kong streets. A semi-private dining area off to one side gives customers a panoramic view of the city through windows clad with retro black framed patterned window grills. Within, the space features wooden cabinets and shelves, black marble topped tables with wood trim, and hexagonal mosaic tile flooring.

The upper storey with seating for 150 across 4,000 square feet is divided into open, semi-private and private dining areas to cater to groups ranging from large tours to romantic dinners for two. Similar to tea houses with formal dining upstairs, this area offers views to the north and east with sections divided by patterned metal screens and changes in floor height. White tablecloths add to the elegant surrounds, while the hexagon tile is reiterated in a 1960s style mirror along the width of the south wall.

Lu Feng is a blast from the past that will give visitors a taste of old Hong Kong while transporting locals back in time.