Why is Sai Kung the Ultimate Expat Heaven?

As most expats come from places like US, UK and other European countries, it is difficult for them to adjust to the high-density cityscape of Hong Kong, which has an average living area per capita of 161 sq. ft. (2015) compared to US’s 800 sq. ft.

The good news for expats is that Hong Kong is made up of islands and a peninsula, meaning they have the option of staying in a coastline neighborhood that offers a relaxing and vast view of the waters and the premier choice of most expats is Sai Kung. Why? Mainly because of the area’s seclusiveness and its long history as an expat community.

Consisting mainly of village houses, Sai Kung is a low-density neighborhood where you can enjoy relatively more living space and an abundance of fresh air compared to high-rise neighborhoods. With plenty of open space and a good size of expat population, Sai Kung, in some way, resembles the landscape of overseas suburbs with a laid-back and relaxing attitude.

If you have children, there are international schools in the district, including Clearwater Bay School, ESF Abacus International Kindergarten, and the Hong Kong Academy, offering programmes of pre-kindergarten, primary years and middle years.

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Right next to the sea, you can expect to get all and only the freshest seafood in Sai Kung. There is a row of seafood restaurants along the promenade and pick what you want to eat straight from the fish tanks. Also, you can buy all sorts of fish and shellfish from the fishing boats at the pier and cook them at home if you prefer to eat-in.

Thai food is another favourite for many of the residents and visitors of Sai Kung. Other cuisines available include British, American, French Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean―the list just goes on and on. The area is also covered with various cafes, bakeries, dessert shops and pubs.

No matter what you want to eat, you can get it in Sai Kung.

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If you don’t feel like going into the city, there is plenty to do in Sai Kung. For sports enthusiasts, you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel and kayak at beaches like Hoi Ha Wan and Pak Lap Wan. You can also choose to go hiking at the Sai Kung East and West Country Park.

For those who are dog parents, you can spend the day bonding with your furry child as Sai Kung is super pet-friendly with an abundance of pet facilities such as dog parks and swimming pools and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Other suggestions for residents are fishing and boat party with friends.

If none of the above entices you, you can still walk around downtown and the waterfront promenade just to relax.

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