4 Must-Have Mirrors for Lighting up Your Home

Muuto: Framed
Designed by Norwegians Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll for Muuto, Framed gives a rose coloured view upon life—literally. The glass and powder coated steel frame comes in rose, taupe or grey and clear, and is available in two sizes. The tinted glass gives the mirror a three dimensional, almost sculptural quality that epitomises the fresh and simple aesthetics of Scandinavian design. “Framed is a new perspective to the classic framed mirror,” says Andersson and Voll. “It is a decorative design piece that leads your thoughts to installation art. With its depth, organic shape and tone-in-tone colour, it is almost perceived as an art object on the wall.”

Alexander Lamont: Lune
Bangkok-based Alexander Lamont looked to another universe in the creation of Lune. Hurtling through space from unknown worlds, the molten rock in meteors appears to form Lune’s frame. As the extreme heat bubbles and cracks the rock, precious metals are exposed. Lune has a primitive, almost elemental quality that gives it an earthy beauty. Available in three sizes, each consists of a thick frame in a ring of bronze that reveals different colours of gold. The small mirror contains 24 carat gold leaf, the medium size has white gold leaf embedded, while the large mirror offers chunks of mercury gold leaf.

Fiam Italia: Caldeira
Belgian designer Xavier Lust grew up surrounded by the construction sounds of a housing boom in Brussels, shaping a lifelong fondness for manipulating metal in his work. Caldeira is a mirror designed for Fiam Italia, and is entirely made in Italy. The mirror is made from 8 mm high temperature fused glass on a silver backing. Lust was inspired by the violence of volcanic activity, and the gurgling movement of molten lava seems to be captured in the frame’s organic undulations. With its varnished metal backing, Caldeira is available in three sizes and can be wall mounted in a variety of positions.

Lee Broom: Split
British designer Lee Broom is still a relatively new kid on the block after less than a decade in business. Yet he is unquestionably one of the UK’s rising stars with a contemporary take on lighting, furnishings and more than 40 retail and hospitality projects. His design for Split, a mirror available in elongated and round versions, is a fragmented slice of reality. The precision cut slice of the glass is slightly shifted from its original position to unveil an oak trimmed section of a black lacquered wood framed mirror. The somewhat whimsical distortion invites a second look, much like life itself.