Crispy Vegetable Rolls

Earlier at a cooking demonstration, I made a refreshing appetizer using Hong Kong-style rice rolls and crisp vegetables coupled with grapefruit sauce and tender ginger by Mrs. So XO-sauce, those who tried the vegetable rolls said they were appetizing and delicious ^ ^

Crispy Vegetable Rolls (Servings: 6)

Seaweed - 1 Piece
Hong Kong Style Rice Roll - 1 Strand
Salad Vegetable - 1 Small Piece
Red Bell Pepper - 1/4 (shredded)
Yellow Bell Pepper - 1/4 (shredded)
Purple Broccoli - 1 Slice (shredded)
Mint Leaves - A Few Pieces
Tender Ginger by Mrs. So XO-sauce - 4 Slices (shredded)
Sesame – A Pinch

Grapefruit Sauce by Mrs. So XO-sauce


1. Steam cook rice roll, set aside to cool.

2. Lay seaweed on the chopping board and place the ingredients in the following order: salad vegetable, red and yellow bell pepper, purple broccoli, tender ginger, mint leaves, then roll the seaweed from the bottom up.

3. Carefully spread the rice roll on the chopping board, add a pinch of sesame and the seaweed roll, then roll from bottom up.

4. Serve with Grapefruit Sauce by Mrs. So XO-sauce.

1. The rice roll should be heated for disinfection purposes.
2. Based on your personal preference, vegan meat floss can be added for flavoring.

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