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Haunted House - Mong Kok in Hong Kong

Date District Address Building Case
2017 12-22 Mong Kok Hoi Fu Court Hoi Yu House 80 years old lady jumped off from the apartment due to health problem
2017 12-21 Mong Kok King Hing Building 24 years old man burnt charcoal at home
2017 11-06 Mong Kok Cheong Wai Mansion 21 years old man fell off the apartment and died due to high pressure on study and work
2017 05-31 Mong Kok A man burnt charcoal and died
2017 05-19 Mong Kok 7/F, 179 Tung Choi Street 30 years old Philipino fell off the apartment while wiping windows
2017 02-27 Mong Kok 1000-1002 Canton Road 46 years old man hanged himself in the apartment
2017 01-31 Mong Kok 17 Kam Fong Street 37 year old Nepalese man fell unconscious in bathroom and died
2017 01-02 Mong Kok Kwong Wing Building 53 year old woman hanged herself with rope and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital
2016 12-23 Mong Kok Pak Po Mansion 80 year old woman fell from heights and died upon arrival at hospital
2016 09-08 Mong Kok Po Lun Building 73 year old man committed suicide in his room by hanging himself
2016 07-21 Mong Kok 77 Prince Edward Road West 50 year old woman was found dead after hanging herself
2016 01-05 Mong Kok Central Park Middle-aged man jumped off building due to illness
2015 07-08 Mong Kok Lai Chi Kok Road 159 Wing Tat House A couple committed suicide at home.
2015 03-26 Mong Kok Dong Hoi Mansion Dong Hoi Mansion A mother and her son were found dead in a fire.
2014 04-28 Mong kok 250 Sai Yeung Choi Street (South) A 32 year old man jumped off the building due to relationship problem.
2014 04-09 Mong kok 193 Sai Yee Street Sunningdale A woman jumped off the building due to sickness.
2014 03-06 Mong Kok Island Harbourview Block 6 A man in his 60s fell off the building due to window cleaning accident.
2013 11-12 Mong Kok Hang Lung Building, 578 Nathan Road A man in his 70s jumped off the building.
2013 10-17 Mong Kok Ng Po House, Sai Yeung Choi Street South A man in his 20s fell off the building after taking drug.
2013 10-15 Mong Kok Shing Hing Building, 78-84 Lai Chi Kok Road A 24 year old woman jumped off the building due to emotional problem.
2013 09-12 Mong Kok No.50, Soy Street, Foo Tat Building A woman committed suicide at home.
2013 06-08 Mong Kok Hoi Fan Road 11 Hampton Place A man jumped off the building due to health issues.
2013 05-06 Mong Kok Hoi Yan House, Hoi Fu Court 15 year old male with hanged herself due to family problem
2013 04-04 Mong Kok Kwok Kai Building 162, Tung Choi Street Kwok Kai Building Male victim in his 80's jumped off the building due to health problem
2012 12-07 Mong Kok 6/F 200, Sai Yeung Choi Street South 49 year old male with emotional disorder jumped off the building
2012 09-19 Mong Kok 8/F, 1098 Canton Road Male victim jumped off the building due to health problem
2012 09-16 Mong Kok Hoi Yu House Hoi Fu Court Senior male hanged himself after a fight with his wife
2011 07-28 Mong Kok 9/F 12, Tung Choi Street 28 year old male jumped off the building after a fight with his father
2011 04-30 Mong Kok 3/F Wah Lok Building 100, Shantung Street Wah Lok Building Female in her 70's jumped off the building since her husband was divorcing her.
2010 11-18 Mong Kok 5/F 59, Prince Edward Road West Mong Kok unemployed male burnt charcoal at found dead due to financial issue
2010 08-22 Mong Kok 3/F Tsui Yuen Mansion Dundas Street Mongkok Tsui Yueng Mansion Male victim with mental disorder jumped off the building due to his illness
2009 08-20 Mong Kok 6/F 10/12, Ka Shin Street Tai Kok Tsui Murder suspect jumped off the building
2009 03-17 Mong Kok 2/F 200, Portland Street Male hanged himself in a guesthouse
2009 03-01 Mong Kok 760, Nathan Road Old male hanged himself in the bathroom
2009 01-13 Mong Kok Wah Lok Building 6-8, Yim Po Fong Street Wah Lok Building Movie producer was found dead
2008 11-19 Mong Kok G/F 71-73, Bute Street Police burnt charcoal with his grandmother due to debt issue
2008 08-10 Mong Kok Cornwall Court 687-689 Nathan Rd Cornwall Court Female was burnt to death
2008 04-07 Mong Kok 6/F 106, Fa Yuen Street Male hanged himself
2008 03-23 Mong Kok 12/f Ngai Hing Mansion 2-24, Pak Po Street Ngai Hing Mansion Female burnt charcoal due to relationship problem
2008 02-25 Mong Kok 74, Fa Yuen Street Indonesian domestic helper killed herself
2008 02-18 Mong Kok 3/F Tung On Court Lee Yip St Tung On Court Male jumped off the building
2008 01-27 Mong Kok 4/F Kwong Fu Bldg 38, Kam Lam St Kwong Fu Bldg Female jumped off the building due to work pressure
2008 01-02 Mong Kok 7/F Lung Kee Bldg 3, Poplar St Lung Kee Bldg Old male was cold to death
2007 12-10 Mong Kok 6/F Shanghai Street Female fell off the window after drugs taking
2007 12-05 Mong Kok Sun Ho House 271, Sai Yeung Choi Street North Sun Ho House Female burnt charcoal due to relationship problem
2007 09-01 Mong Kok 16/F King Hing bldg Argyle St King Hing Bldg Male fell off the building
2007 07-17 Mong Kok 606, Reclamation St Young male was found dead
2007 07-13 Mong Kok 2/F 974 Canto Road Old female fell from the building by accident
2007 04-24 Mong Kok Wah May Bldg 36, Shantung St Wah May Bldg Engineer jumped off the building
2007 03-27 Mong Kok 10/F 37, Dundas St Male was found dead
2006 11-25 Mong Kok 10/F Sunningdale 193. Sai Yee St Sunningdale Male jumped off the building due to health problem
2006 09-16 Mong Kok 13/F Hung Kwong Bldg 13/F Hung Kwong Bldg Sushi chef was burnt alive
2006 08-31 Mong Kok 132, Fa Yuen Street Yau Wo Building Female burnt charcoal and left 7 death notes
2006 08-16 Mong Kok 3/F 6, Kam Fong Street Male killed herself due to debt issue
2006 03-26 Mong Kok 5/F 192, Sai Yeung Choi Street South Sai Yeung Bldg Male burnt charcoal due to relationship problem
2006 03-08 Mong Kok Kiu Ming Bldg Kiu Ming Building Middle aged female burnt charcoal due to relationship problem
2006 02-28 Mong Kok Sun Hing Bldg Sun Hing Bldg Female was died of drugs overdose
2006 02-24 Mong Kok 20/F Yan On Bldg Yan On Building Old female with mental disorder jumped off the building
2005 10-30 Mong Kok
2005 10-13 Mong Kok
2005 07-05 Mong Kok
2005 07-04 Mong Kok
2005 05-19 Mong Kok 15/F Luen Wo Apartment 308, Electric Road Luen Wo Apartment Old female jumped off the building due to health problem
2004 09-11 Mong Kok
2004 02-04 Mong Kok
2003 12-04 Mong Kok
2003 11-14 Mong Kok
2003 11-13 Mong Kok
2003 11-08 Mong Kok
2003 11-03 Mong Kok
2003 06-20 Mong Kok
2001 08-17 Mong Kok
2001 01-31 Mong Kok
2000 04-23 Mong Kok
2000 02-02 Mong Kok
1999 08-31 Mong Kok
1999 04-06 Mong Kok 4/F Fu Nga House Fu Keung Court Fu Keung Court Female burnt charcoal
1999 03-08 Mong Kok
1998 12-21 Mong Kok
1998 09-23 Mong Kok
1998 09-09 Mong Kok
1998 08-31 Mong Kok
1998 06-08 Mong Kok
1998 05-09 Mong Kok
1995 12-22 Mong Kok
1995 12-13 Mong Kok
1994 08-10 Mong Kok
1994 06-10 Mong Kok
1994 06-06 Mong Kok