When it comes to selling your apartment, one of the biggest debates among property experts is whether sellers should present a furnished or an empty apartment to potential homebuyers. While empty apartments can make an apartment look bigger, others claim that furnished apartments can create an emotional connection with homebuyers. If you’re currently struggling between the two choices, here are certain factors to consider when presenting an apartment for sale:

Benefits of furnished apartments

Certain experts tend to believe that a nicely staged apartment may potentially increase the selling price of an apartment, as furniture and design help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room, which in turn helps to create an emotional connection with the homebuyer. If the potential buyer can imagine themselves living in the space, they are more likely to purchase the apartment.

When staging an apartment for sale, we recommend sticking to a neutral colour palette instead of bright and flashy colours. Since home design is a very subjective choice, neutral colours can help to attract a wider range of audience. In terms of décor, make sure that the furniture is relatively trendy and not outdated. If you have trouble pulling off the whole look, it might be worth it to invest in a professional home stager.

Benefits of empty apartments

On the other hand, empty apartments can provide limitless imagination, as potential buyers don’t have the distraction of existing design and furniture to see the space as their dream home. While furniture in an apartment can make the space look warm and inviting, too much furniture can also make a room feel and look smaller.

Other than maximizing the space of the apartment, empty apartments let the natural light in, which helps to improve and mood and ambience of the apartment. Since furnished apartments tend to include heavy window coverage, this can make a room feel dark and cluttered and hence make the potential buyer feel uncomfortable in the space.