Tips And Hints On Home Interiors For 2015

Another year another series of decisions on what to do with the living room if you’re of the mind to make some changes. Some so-called trends of the past few years have gained traction and stuck around — like more natural and/or sustainable materials, a return to classicism, the widespread embrace of colour and new technologies. But as always there is some interiors thinking that tries to shake things up and create something fresh.

“To me I’d say anything, like fashion, can be dandy, preppy, boho, glam … it comes down to the [residents’] personalities,” says Joseph Chang, founder and creative director of JC Vision. Chang points out the “wow” factor trends that can go too far (“The extreme type, like one chair enveloped by four walls,” he notes with a laugh), but The Room Studio’s Maayan Gossat Schwartz disagrees — a bit. “The most emerging interiors trend in 2015 is the ‘Wow’ factor. More and more designers are using bolder and brighter prints and colours than ever before and the emphasis is on creating incredible and fun interiors that may have been previously reserved for spaces such as galleries or restaurants,” she says. Schwartz sees more creativity and fun in residential spaces for this year with an eye to personality. “The emphasis is on being unique.”

Aside from personal wow there are some notable directions interiors are heading this year, among them the fusion of contrasting styles, materials and patterns, a move towards modern materials like salvaged wood, metal and stone, more natural motifs and organics and crucially, in a world where home are shrinking, stress on versatility. One piece of furniture that has multiple uses or movable parts in kitchens that double up on functions as well as malleability in soft interiors are becoming more critical to home design. And the “in” colour for the year? Marsala, a shade of deep but vibrant plum-ish red, as determined by the Pantone scale.

Chang, for one, points to the continuing green trend, Scandinavian design holding its own as the go-to classic look and the industrial vibe as a hipper choice that may not be a long term option. He agrees with Schwartz on vivid colours for textiles and accents. That said, Chang thinks greige will be all the rage this year too. “This is a new name describing the colour between grey and beige given by designers. I consider it neutral, sophisticated and graceful, which should be popular in design,” he says.

Wood may be eternal, but the Davy Crockett look is out. “Luxury, elegance and glam are in. Wood cabins are out. Elegant designs, luxurious fabrics, a bit of metallic bling such as copper and matte gold, glossy surfaces and vibrant colours are the way to go for 2015,” theorises Schwartz. Chang agrees, noting the tried, true and eternally appealing contemporary classic is always in given its lasting elegance. But adding to the base is key. “In 2015 we will see the use of two or three bright colours … in the same colour palettes, more mix and match prints, which continues over from the past few years,” adds Schwartz. “Ikat prints as well as animal prints are still going strong and are now available in bolder and brighter colours.”

Finally, finishing touches can be something of a stickler. Do you find the right sculpture, go with pop art or just maintain fresh flowers all year long? Chang thinks the way to go is to stick with traditional art, just come at it from a non-traditional angle. Goodbye big statement pieces, hello novelty. “Now, we get art pieces way easier than before. We can get inexpensive yet handsome pieces from up-and-coming designers from Vietnam or Thailand, or interesting street art … Interpretation of art is extensive and more affordable to everyone nowadays,” he winds up. “The key is a good eye. The word ‘extensive’ isn’t a permit to turn anything cheesy into something tasteful.” So … still no Dogs Playing Poker.