Tequila Kola Has Its Own Ideas For Spring

Every picture tells a story and every retailer has their own ideas about what’s new, hip and cool for spring. But if there’s a theme running through shop windows this season it’s big, bold colour. The days of muted, low-key hues, at least for spring and summer 2015, are gone. “Many people are a bit tired of neutrals,” theorises Geoff Fuller, managing director of local home furnishings retailer Tequila Kola. “Vivid colours cheer people up. If you don’t like it too vivid just use neutrals for the big pieces, like sofas, and pump things up a bit with vivid accessorising.”

Makes sense. At a time when subtle rebellion is becoming more common — buying vinyl, refusing to pay for 3D films, shirking quinoa and kale for old fashioned couscous and romaine lettuce — colour in itself is becoming a statement. To that end, TK’s vibrant spring collection was inspired by some of the globe’s most colourful corners. From cosmopolitan spots in Florida to Spain, the easy-going wilds of the Caribbean to Africa, and the urban chic of the UK to New York, there’s a palette for each. Not all of us may associate a minty teal with Scandinavian minimalism, but you never know until you try. “Michelle Koller, Tequila Kola’s creative designer, travels quite a bit: it’s her take on what would fit in where,” explains Fuller, understanding the designs will occasionally be a hard sell. “It was fun and our customers don’t agree with all her choices! But they love the variety and do agree that all the ‘looks’ also work in Hong Kong, or really anywhere for that matter.”

TK has imported a huge array of ideas this year, but there are some standouts as usual. Depending on how fond you are of the swampy, sweltery Florida vibe (admittedly not much of a stretch from Hong Kong, alligators excepted), the ocean blues and greens that seep into almost every room in the state could be for you. Accent chairs, cushions and ornamental pieces against light statement pieces are the way to go. There’s even a reed diffuser (in Olive Grove or Rainforest) to complete the look. Sticking with a watery, summery tone, Ibiza inspires a range of oranges, peach and coral additions to the home. Rattan love chairs in mint or a Chippendale chairs in aqua are designed to take you away to a Spanish beach, at least in your own mind.

For those looking for a new style without the bright (or garish) colours, the Serengeti design incorporates ever-hip metals into its neutral brown and leather palette. A Rolling Stone sofa — low, deep, very rock ’n’ roll — complemented by a few copper or brass accessories round out an evocative style without hurting the eyes. Similarly the swinging 1960s is recalled in the Madison Avenue look, with natural walnut anchor pieces, low leather couches and copper. Don Draper would feel at home. Finally, Hong Kong gets a shout-out in the South Side Loft theme, defined by its central Pod sofa, flanked by accents in black, white and graphic patterns.

If all the lime green and lemon yellow is too much to bear, TK has plenty more traditional additions this spring, among them accessories that will fit right in come winter. “Autumn in Hong Kong can still be pretty hot (with plenty of sunshine) so vivid colours are still good. But,” admits Fuller, “in late autumn/winter we do notice that customers buy more leather sofas in warm colours.” New this spring are a beehive patterned sideboard (or chest of drawers) with brass and mother of pearl accenting; more mother of pearl on nesting triangular end tables sure to fit in some corner; and a classic leather and walnut Burlington sofa. And wouldn’t that look great with a fuchsia cushion.