Online Wood Furniture Specialist Décor 8Spring is in the air and Decor8 Modern Furniture and Home Decor has launched their new affordable collection of luxury solid wood furniture just in time. Sprucing up your interior with style is easy, fast and convenient.

Unlike medium density fibreboard or particleboard (MDF), which is prone to warping, is often unstable, inconsistent and fragile, Decor8’s new solid wood collection is pretty extraordinary looking, with options like teak, walnut, and elm in very cool and carefully curated styles. “We’ve developed long lasting relationships with local craftsmen and wood factories throughout Asia allowing us to pick the best quality wood cuts and deliver them fast at great prices,” says Decor8 managing director Jean Choi.

Decor8‘s expanded product line from modern classics to beautiful solid wood furniture and decor now encompasses even more variety, offering luxury materials to suit everyone’s home decor taste and budget. The Stool Series comes from all natural lumber and is hand-finished by local craftsmen. “The Twisting Stool, one of our bestselling pieces, is a very elegant sculpture and it’s ultra utilitarian. It can be used as a stool, a side table or even a showcase piece of art,” notes Choi. In addition to the wood series, Decor8 has also managed to make the entire product line more flexible by adding more options to customise the finishing and material of its furniture. Material options include genuine top grain Italian leather, faux polyurethane leather and sofa fabrics as a start. Even dimensions for some dining, coffee, and bar tables can easily be customised.

Surprisingly, the price differences for Decor8’s items and what you might find at IKEA or the furnishings provider of your choice won’t break the bank. Since its launch Decor8 has filled the affordable furniture and decor niche to give Hongkongers a way to complete their interiors with style and taste. With prices that come in below established retailers on the Island, Decor8 offers a comprehensive, hassle-free online shopping environment. If you want to check out their products first hand, there’s a big no-frills showroom in Mong Kok. “Our number one focus is to balance quality, style and price realistically with customer expectation. People ask us why we’re not in Horizon Plaza or Cyberport, and the answer is quite simple: We’re low maintenance with our fully integrated showroom and warehouse that allows us to keep our prices low while providing quality care,” finishes Choi. Decor8‘s new products could be the solution to giving your interiors the warmth and style they deserve.