Flexible storage solutions for Hong Kong homes

Hong Kong’s lack of space and notoriously small homes are a perennial source of angst for people living in this otherwise vibrant city. This is one of the most materialistic cities in the world, and yet we do not have enough space to put all our stuff. However, true to Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial spirit, self-storage companies have flourished to help us organise our lives and living spaces a bit better.

Decluttering is the logical first step to organising, and it can feel like a heady exercise. The currently trendy Konmari method is definitely a theory in that direction. You rid yourself of all things you no longer need or find meaningful. After this, if you still need extra storage, you should consider a space that can serve as an extension to your home rather than just a dingy warehouse. You want a place that is secure, well managed and accessible for items you still want but don’t need everyday.

Factors to consider
Consider several factors before selecting a storage unit. What is your budget? How big a storage unit do you need? How long do you need it for? Last but not least, the location of the storage unit. It is important to consider how far you want to travel to access your belongings.

In addition, you need to consider the type of storage most suited to your usage. Electrical items and certain types of furniture might require a climate-controlled space. Specialist storage is of course required if you are looking to store wine.

In Hong Kong, self-storage ranges from cheap, bare bones units to those that come with more sophisticated services. Pick the one that best suits your needs and budget to make your home a more comfortable place regardless of its size.

An extension of home
There is an endless list of things that people put in a storage unit, from household furniture, documents, suitcases, golf clubs and bicycles to seasonal items such as Christmas decorations. Sentimental items of children that parents want to keep can take up space too. Therefore it is advantageous to find a storage unit that is in close proximity to your home. The Store House offers quality storage solutions near residential areas in Western District, Kennedy Town, Ap Lei Chau and Tuen Mun with insurance, 24/7 access with staff on duty seven days per week.

With a vast range of dehumidified units from 16 to 175 square feet suitable for individual or company use, the Store House has international brand credentials that also provides storage services in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan as General Storage Company owned by NB Singapore Post. A founding member of the SSAA Self Storage Association of Asia, the company has extensive experience in self-storage and logistics.

Storage Works, a self-storage service located in Kwai Chung, aims to offer a “premium facility” by looking into the quality of the materials and components used, and enhancing the overall end-user experience. Not surprisingly, it is a popular place for storing valuable personal equipment such as photography or audio-visual gear.

Apart from creating a cosy environment that is safe, secure and easily accessible, it is also supported by a range of client privileges such as premium-free insurance, free use of supplies, free unit racking, guest-parking and increased flexibility with regards to payment and billing periods. The company also works closely with logistic partners to enable a more streamlined approach for sending and retrieving items. All paperwork can be done remotely prior to move-in date, while staff keep in constant contact with the logistics team so the client does not have to be physically present.

Complementing your lifestyle
RedBox Storage provides 24/7 access and free parking at its facilities. Its three locations in Shatin, Aberdeen and Chai Wan feature climate-controlled storage with top-notch security. The company provides free packing boxes for first-time move-in as well as a range of added services including transportation and courier services, WiFi and free on-site quotation at the client’s home to help determine the best storage solution. Always flexible with the services it offers, RedBox can also work with international forwarders to facilitate an overseas move if needed.

Apart from furniture, clothing, books and family heirlooms, people also use storage for their personal collections and sporting equipment. “At our Shatin headquarters, where we manage an entire building, we have clients who store several bikes in their units. They come and fetch their bikes, go for a ride, and then deliver them back in the evening. It complements their lifestyle perfectly,” said Karin Chu, RedBox’s senior marketing manager.