DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Following the stupendous success of its Happy Returns Campaign, launched in July 2015, Tata Housing – one of the fastest growing real estate companies in India – has announced the second edition of this campaign today. In the second edition of the campaign, customers are entitled to 87,000 40,00,000 Jet Privilege miles on the purchase of a home across all the Tata Housing projects in India.

The free miles will be credited to the customer’s Jet Privilege account post fulfillment of 20 per cent payment by the customer. In case the customer does not have a JP Account, a new account will be created and these miles will be credited to him. This offer is only applicable to a customer residing outside of India with a valid non-resident Indian (NRI) status including Indian passport holders, those having valid work permits outside India and green card holders.

Mr. Brotin Banerjee, CEO & Managing Director – Tata Housing, said, "The year-end festive season is when NRIs return home to visit their families and we believe it is an opportune time for them to book their dream homes. Tata Housing has received an encouraging response from NRIs who currently contribute between 15-20 per cent of total sales expected to increase to 25-30 per cent in the next 3-4 years. With growing interest from Indian communities in the aforementioned geographies, the Happy Returns Campaign is a tribute and step in catalyzing those dreams."

NRIs are increasingly viewing Indian real estate as a lucrative investment, buying properties across the country owing to the sector’s growth and dynamism. Moreover, since pioneering online home selling in 2013, Tata Housing has listed all of its projects online, making it convenient for NRIs. Tata Housing launched an integrated payment gateway to allow customers to make their entire home purchase online. To illustrate, the company recently sold an INR 5.5 crore villa at its eco-luxury project Myst, Kasauli – India’s biggest online sale.

Homes by Tata Housing are designed after thorough research. They are an extension of both resident and non-resident Indian consumers’ personality and preferences. Tata Housing is devoted to providing differentiated and customized offerings to its customers through its projects such as concierge services, spa services along with smart home facilities, state-of-the-art amenities in the form of infinity pools, club houses, and community centers.

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