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Wood Interior Design & Contracting Ltd

2018-Wood Interior Design & Contracting Ltd

Lighting and space planning are the key considerations of this design project! A simple industrial style elements also make the design more stylish and fashionable! Fortunately, only 2 people living in this house so the design idea could be flexible. living room At the entrance level, there is a large wall which could be seen anywhere inside the house. I make it very eye catching by red bricks and the rest of be white. The other side of the entrance wall I made a large mirror embossed in the flower embossed frame, matching with the red brick! There is a concave area beside the mirror and I make it as the shoe storage space! I use the blackboard to be the shoe surface, it is easily to bring out a strong industrial flavor! I used the original floating wall design for Audio-visual cabinet! With peach-lined blackboard shoes Cabinet! Layering is more intense!