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Residential Winners

Artwill Interior Design House

2018-Artwill Interior Design House 2

The client is a keen traveler who wishes to be abroad even when at home. So the designer takes inspiration from Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, his favorite destination. Abstractions from the tower form the design vocabulary, yielding two simple elements: lattice and illumination. Walls, ceilings, shelves, and even the railings forming the open closet in the bedroom all meet at angles, and the feature wall and sliding door in the living room are panels adhered together by strips of lattice-like metal. Recessed linear lights are all lattice-like in their angled orientation. Spotlights in the living room face outward at the walls, simulating the light beams from the tower, creating a melodramatic mood. The swirls in the marble finishing throughout also conjure up the tower’s dazzling sight at night. A monochromatic colour scheme further brings out the tower’s modern and chic presence.