Simple Settings For Better Health And WealthDespite the generally crowded living environment in Hong Kong, we still manage to find ways to make the spaces in our homes better, be it through interior design, home décor or furniture arrangement. If you’re fine with the aesthetics and the functional aspects of your home but you’d like to make it even more welcoming, it’s time to reconsider your home’s feng shui.

While there are limitations in altering the location, orientation and area surrounding the spaces we live in, we can control and enhance the interaction between the resident and their space in order to cultivate good luck and positivity. Here are some simple tips that will facilitate good household feng shui:

Make an Entrance
The foyer is an important element to a living space. A well-designed foyer can be used to invite positivity and keep out negative energy. Keeping the foyer bright and clean can improve luck in wealth matters and boost the flow of positive energy into the property.

No Way Out
Having the main entrance directly facing main windows will let good fortune flow out of the property and thus affect wealth matters. Placing a large potted plant (soil-planted species get the best results) between them helps retain positive energy within the living space.

Sweet Dreams
Good sleep is vital to mental and physical wellbeing. The same goes for wealth management. Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy is the key to wealth accumulation. Simply tidying up the dressing table and storing seldom-used items in drawers will start to make a positive difference in wealth management.
Kitchen Wise
The kitchen has a major influence on health matters. It is wise to keep the kitchen clean and keep kitchenware organised. Avoid having the refrigerator (a water element) and stove (fire element) facing each other, as it may give rise to arguments due to the conflicting elements.

Daily Scrub
The washroom can be interpreted negativity for the nature of its use. For that reason, having the washroom cleaned on a daily basis is vital. Bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs, basins, toilets and wall tiles should be cleaned regularly. Remove any waste immediately to avoid accumulation. Regular cleaning can prevent the washroom from gathering negative energy and improve wealth.

From the feng shui perspective, oddly shaped homes break the path of energy and attract negative energy. These asymmetrical imbalances are known as “missing corners”. If you would like to learn more about offsetting the imbalances check out “When Walls Meet Partitions” at Space on