Simple Settings for a Balanced Living SpaceIt’s fair to say, most properties are some-what rectangular in shape. Is it a coincident or there are reasons behind this global phenomenon? We can’t speak for other cultures, but for Chinese, it’s all about balance.

Why do we need corners?
In ancient Chinese culture, it is believed that square-shaped properties are for men, and round-shaped are reserved for gods and higher powers. If you’ve visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, you’ll notice that every Hall, Court and Gate is structured and built in perfect symmetrical order throughout the Palace. When it comes to building for the higher power, the circular-shaped Temple of the Heaven is a perfect example.

A desirable property should be balanced, from inside and out, ideally symmetrical. Rectangular-shaped homes symbolize balance and welcome good Feng Shui, while other oddly-shaped homes attract negative energy. These asymmetrical imbalances, also known as “missing corner” in Feng Shui, refer to imperfections associated with their orientations.

These imperfections may have an impact on your life or your family members. By referring to the Trigrams in The Book of Changes, I Ching, you can understand these impacts, and use Feng Shui decors to offset the imbalances.

For example, the Northwest corner relates to the father figure. If the Northwest corner is “missing”, it implies that the male homeowner is likely to spend less time at home. If the Northwest orientation is the “positive wealth” for your household Feng Shui, the extended impact will affect your finances, such as your savings.

Although there are many limitations in creating a perfectly balanced home, there are always feng shui resolutions. By placing simple decors in the associated direction, you can offset the imbalance and minimize the negative impacts. If the imbalance is in the Northwest, simply place a copper elephant to offset its negativity towards the elderly male and your monetary matters.

Don’t be overly worried about balancing all corners. Perfectly balanced and symmetrical properties are rare, and there will always be some imperfections. Refer to the following table, understand the imbalance, and address it with feng shui decors. After all, as long as you love your home, that’s the perfect home for you!