Nespresso Strikes Again With Its Latest Compact Machine

Now that George Clooney is busy being married, coffee hardware and bean supplier Nespresso may have to do its own sales pitches. That certainly doesn’t explain the newest addition to its ever-expanding line of one-touch coffee making machines; the new Pixie Clips was likely in the pipeline long before the world’s favourite bachelor’s nuptials. But in keeping with Nespresso’s stylish spokesmodel, Pixie Clips is an aesthetic innovation that taps the increasing consumer demand for more personalisation at home. And still make your morning java jolt fast.

Officially launching on the 7th of September, Pixie Clips’ star features are all in the name. “Pixie” is usually associated with something small and spritely, and this machine fits that bill. Less than 25 centimetres tall and 11 centimetres wide, the compact design suits equally compact Hong Kong kitchens without sacrificing performance. The standard grand cru capsules (23 now) are still subject to 19 pressure bars for an aromatic and perfectly heated espresso in less than 30 seconds. The Pixie Clips is also 40 percent more energy efficient than FEA and European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) standards demand, 80 percent of the aluminium capsules are recycled and 84 percent of Nespresso’s coffee is now sustainably sourced — with an aim to 100 percent for both in five years.

Then there are the “clips.” As you’re feeling good about your coffee, it’s okay to feel a tiny bit vain about it too. We get tired of looking at our paint and wallpaper, but there’s not much you can do about that in two minutes. But there is something you can do about your appliances. The body of the Pixie Clips features easy snap-on, snap-off side panels for instant re-design whenever you feel like it. Each machine is sold with a set of two exchangeable clips in black and neon yellow or white and neon coral. Twelve other colour, pattern and texture options are available for purchase, in themed design schemes ranging from Fun (glossy orange, red and yellow), Graphic (checkerboard, vintage arrivals board), Techno (carbon, matte red) or Authentic (denim, wood). Extra panels are priced between $180 and $350 per pair.

The Pixie Clips is compatible with Nespresso’s other accessories and add-ons, like the one-touch Aeroccino milk frother, which makes perfect foam for perfect cappuccino without fussing around with a stainless cup. For a demonstration (and possibly a free coffee) and to browse the colour and texture options of the Pixie Clips ($1,988) drop into one of Nespresso’s three boutiques in Hong Kong: ifc Mall, Elements or the newly opened Festival Walk. Buy a Pixie Clips machine and five coffee capsule sleeves between launch day and October 26 and get a free pair of clips.