Munna - Modern design on the old-fashioned armchairAdmit it. When you tuck in for a quiet night at home with that newly restored Blu-ray of Jaws, or a copy of 50 Shades of Grey (with absolutely no one else’s knowledge of course), or an early morning date with the Super Bowl you likely make a beeline for your favourite armchair. The one that’s perfectly curved — after years of use — to the shape of your head as well as your butt, and your leg drapes over the side just right. You swear you’ll never give it up — until the day the chair finally gives up the ghost itself and no amount of re-upholstering will help.

If you find yourself in the market for a new living room throne, check out the latest by five-year-old Portuguese furniture manufacturer Munna. Based in Oporto, the rising furniture star prides itself on its happy cocktail of traditional processes and modern design innovation. Munna still hand-builds its furniture in Oporto for that added touch of personality and quality and its newest line — the Fetiche Collection — is available in Hong Kong at Central’s Kitchens + Interiors.

Constructed from your choice of luxurious velvet, crystal velvet, cotton and leather fabrics among about 100 others, and finished with fine wood veneers, metallic leaf and lacquers, anyone purchasing a Fetiche chair also has the luxury of picking from among a nearly endless array of colours. Described as playful and “sensual,” Munna’s Fetiche was designed to inject bold character statements into the home and, as the brand itself puts it, transfer emotion into product. Also? They’re comfortable.

The Fetiche armchairs come in five styles: Candy, Corset, Soft & Creamy, Monsieur T and Becomes Me. From among the line, the Soft & Creamy and Monsieur T are perhaps the most traditionally designed — the ones that most look like a Bond villain would sit in it and stroke his cat while planning world domination. The former is defined by its classic curved top and deep seat, and was designed with intimacy in mind. The latter is notable for its English chesterfield design and masculine, minimalist old-world lines. The Monsieur T (priced from $35,010) is a power chair that belongs behind a giant oak desk, where the Soft & Creamy ($40,770) should be near a fireplace, preferably with a wine bottle within arm’s reach.

Munna has bent the rules more for the other Fetiche chairs: the Baroque edge of the Candy — in velvet no less — is for the bolder among us. In a variety of bright, eye-catching colours, the Candy (from $33,570) would fit in with a loft-style space that needed a touch of texture. Conversely, the Corset ($32,760) is all contemporary, all the time, belying its Victorian name, with curves and angles somehow complementing each other and balancing on the knife edge of classical and modern. Rounding out the collection is the funkier Becomes Me ($34,470), which has an almost student flat look that would fit in either the living room, bedroom or games room. Lastly, if you insist on stretching out while you indulge your media pleasures, the Candy can be ordered as a loveseat (ahem) and the Corset, Monsieur T and Becomes Me can be ordered as dining chairs. Fetiche represents the tip of the Munna iceberg but really, you know you have to start with an armchair. Super Bowl XLVII is only weeks away.