Getting That Christmas Vibe Is A Matter Of A Few Key Items

There are two options when it comes to Christmas décor. You can go all out, with every surface covered in festive colours, lights and tchotchkes. Or you can ignore it completely and hope the day goes past like any other. If you’re in the former group you’ve no doubt had an eye open for seasonal bits and bobs you could pick up for the home. The usual suspects — IKEA, Japan Home Centre, Citysuper, your kids’ kindergarten craft day — are fine sources too, but if you need a bit more inspiration, read on.

If it’s crucial the entire home looks yuletide ready, then start with the key Christmas item: a tree. Fresh trees smell great but killing one for a few days, maybe a few weeks, is as wasteful as it is unethical. For the space-challenged TREE’s driftwood pines look like a tree and best of all were a tree at some point in time. The recycled items stand between 30 and 80 centimetres tall ($295 to $1,250) and though they may not take a bauble too well, they make the point. If something more contemporary is to your taste there is a series of minimalist, ultra-modern Design Ideas trees ($38 to $135) and Finnish designer Lovi Oy’s 60-centimetre PEFC-certified birch plywood trees ($85 to $1,250) are available at Homeless. For the traditionalists among us, Indigo Living’s bushy, 180-centimetre faux pine is an investment ($7,990) that will provide years of more old-fashioned service with its bauble- and tinsel-ready branches.

And if you are in fact indulging with some kind of tree — by no means a must — or plant to put gifts under and hang shiny things from, TREE has hand made and recycled decorations (driftwood reindeer, wreaths, hanging items) too. But take a trip back to Indigo for the latest in all that glitters. Glass blooms in red, green, silver, star-shaped and diamanté baubles ($59 to $99) complement silver reindeer figurines (if there’s enough driftwood in the house already).

Christmas is about smells too, and so luxury home fragrance brand Cochine rolls out its special Juniper & Ginger scent in candles and diffusers for the holiday ($475 to $480 at Indigo). And like it did last year, Australian soy candle manufacturer Sniff has seasonal scents to enhance a room’s festival mood. Sniff’s Spiced Orange, Salted Caramel and Christmas Tree scents ($395 at TREE) candles will try and make you believe there’s a snow-covered pine outside your window.

However, if you’re just as, or more, concerned with the perfect Christmas dinner table, you’ll be looking for the right candle holders, napkins and accessories, china and subtle, seasonal bling. Tealight holders in red and smoke (Indigo, $99) or black with a silver glow from subtle cutting (TREE, $95 to $495), splashes of gold for glamour (metallic cutout tealight holders, $129) and blues (terracotta tealight holders, $49, both BoConcept) for a wintery vibe are just a few thematic ideas that are easily, quickly and affordably achieved with a few accessories.