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Id# 29956
No: H100205217 (by agent)

South Horizons South Horizons [Agency Ads]
Block 22, Phase 3, South Horizons

Utility rate: 78% , 2 halls, 2 bedrooms, pool view

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2 months ago posted
Created:2022-08-06 | Updated:2022-09-04
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Monthly Rental
Lease HKD$21,000
Gross Area
745 ft²
Unit Price: @28.2
Saleable Area
581 ft²
Unit Price: @36.1
South Horizons
HK Island South Horizons
Block and Unit: B
Floor zone
Middle Floor
Room and Bathroom
2 beds
Yi Nam Road
Raymond, Szeto Wai Man
Ruth, Kwong I Ha

Company Address: Hong Kong Property
Company License Number: C-018893
Hong Kong Property
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